Where to buy reasonably priced wool yarn?

lkplatowMarch 31, 2007

Hi all - this is my first post here. I used to knit a lot in high school (my own sweaters) but haven't done it in a while. I recently saw the most beautiful afghan in a decorating book - it was patchwork squares of thick wool yarn knit in a basic stockinette stitch. I'm dying to have one just like it and I think it would be pretty easy to do, but when I started to look for wool yarn, I had some serious sticker shock. I can't seem to find it for less than $5/ball and since I'd like a pretty sizable afghan to cover my queen sized bed, I'm looking at a lot of skeins. I cannot afford to shell out $200 in yarn for this afghan! Any suggestions for where I might find reasonably priced (i.e. cheap) wool yarn - worsted weight if not bulky? Like I said, I haven't knitted in a while and I guess the price of yarn has gone up in the last (cough) 20 years (cough) or so. Thanks so much!

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Hey I usually buy my knitting stuff from Joann or Michaels. They hav a lot of cheap stuff especially for afghans and other stuff like tht. They hav stuff pricing from a $1:50 n up. Plus they have a lot of 40 % off coupons circulating. So look for them and buy it .

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Try www.knitpicks.com. Joann's and Michael's don't have a lot of 100% wool yarn. I have gotten some deals at my LYS in the clearance section, but for online ordering, knitpicks is my favorite.

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You can get some pretty good deals sometimes and they're bigger brands, unlike KnitPicks which is their own brand.

~ Kit

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I second the Knitpicks and Elann suggestions. Elann has a good selection of its own house brand. I like the Elann's wool quality and colors better. It's $2+ for about 100 yards of worsted. Knitpicks has superwash wool if you prefer that. If you're looking for brand names, Webs.com has a 20% discount on purchases over $60 and 25% for over $120. They also have their own house brand called Valley Yarns and a huge closeout section.

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Has anyone ever bought from darnityarn.com? I got a gift certificate for my birthday and I can't decide on what to buy.


Here is a link that might be useful: darnityarn

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Okay, how about your local second hand store. 100% wool sweaters cost about 2.50 for the whole thing, a little frogging and you have enough wool for another sweater for a really great price.

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www.littleknits.com often has discontinued colors of high-end yarns for really good deals.

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Ever visited www.yarn.com? It's a site for yarn of all fibers and they have specials and garage sales, too.

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This is my fav site, they have great prices and great yarn! http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5571572

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KnitPicks has a winter sale going on now.

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Do you have to do it in wool? I think acrylics would be less expensive, or maybe a blend.

Be careful you don't get wool that felts.

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