Our Finished Traditional Kitchen

natenvalsmomApril 9, 2010

Many of my decisions were made before I discovered this forum, but I learned so much by reading through the responses to countless threads, even if I didn't always join in. Thank you to all of the helpful people who so generously give of their time and expertise to all of us who are embarking on this exciting journey.

We started the actual demo/remodel at the end of June 2009, and we were back in in early September, but it was not "completely finished" until we received our counter stools/window treatments in late fall. I love working in this space, and it is wonderful for entertaining.

link: http://s979.photobucket.com/albums/ae272/pssternpictures/

Here are some of the details:

Cabinets: Omega/Dynasty - Destin door style

Perimeters: Maple, Oyster finish with a caramel glaze

Island: Alder, Sable finish with a coffee glaze

Hardware: Top Knobs M827-96 and M827-7, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Countertops: Twilight Red granite

Sink: Franke PRX 160, stainless undermount

Faucets: Waterstone, Annapolis faucet, filtered water faucet,

side spray, air gap in satin nickel

Garbage Disposal: In-Sink-erator, Evolution Essential

Lighting: Recessed lighting

Pendants: Quoizel Monterey Mosaic Mini Pendants

Chandelier in Breakfast room: Quoizel Monterey Mosaic Bowl

Range: Thermador, 36" gas, PRG364EDG

Hood: Thermador VTN 1000 CFM

Refrigerator: Thermador, 36" Bottom mount freezer, French Door

Dishwasher: Thermador, DWHD64EP, 6 cycle

Microwave: Sharp, 30" Stainless Microwave Drawer, KB6525PS

Backsplash: Field Tile: Lycian Simena (travertine, 3x6 subways)

Framed piece behind range: Sonoma Custom Blend

Floor: Azuvi Austin Crema 20x20 porcelain tile

Breakfast Table, Chairs, Counter Stools: Artistica

Paint: Benjamin Moore, Louisburg Green over the sink

Benjamin Moore, Saybrook Sage in Breakfast and Family Rms

Windows: Milgard

Window Treatment: Custom valance and woven shades



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Really love what you've done here!!! You don't often see that much red tones in the kitchen and I am impressed that you have pulled it together so magnificently. LOVE the red granite, your backsplash which coordinates but lets the granite, cabinets take center stage and the pendants. Love the uniqueness of all the red with the granite, pendants, window coverings, etc. Red can be very overpowering but you have designed this to be very subtle-very elegant!!

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Beautiful kitchen. What a transformation!

I want to do my windows pretty much exactly like how you've done yours. Did you make the cornices yourself or buy them? Please post details when you get a chance. In fact the window configuration where you sink is at angles is exactly what I have in my family room where I want to put the cornices. How long were your cornices?


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OMG! JUst gorgeous! I love looking at white kitchens (cabinets) as that is what we are planning. It really is beautiful...good job!

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I'm SO glad you posted what you did on the main forum about the gallery. I'm guilty of seldom visiting here because when I have there was nothing going on. I wasn't aware of the "rule" to post finished kitchens here rather than the forum. If you hadn't said something I'd have missed your kitchen entirely. Your kitchen is STUNNING. I don't know where to start...first...your window situation at the sink is fabulous. How lucky can you be to have that much natural light and view. I'd never get tired of doing dishes! Also, I love your filtered water faucet. Your color choices (cabinets, surfaces, paint, fabric) are very sophisticated and lovely. Your bench seat is a huge plus and looks so nice....and off topic...I see a glimpse of a swimming pool in the back yard. So envious of that! ha. You really did a fantastic job putting all this together and I know you (and nate and val and your hubby) will have years of enjoyment in your new kitchen. CONGRATS!

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Your new kitchen looks very warm and inviting! Very lovely!

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What a transformation, great job. It is such an open, inviting space now. I love the shape of your island. Congratulations on a wonderful job, you have a beautiful kitchen.

And I too seldom if ever check out the gallery, thank you for directing me here. I assumed that everyone posted new kitchens on the main thread first, then 'retired' them to the FKB. I guess I'm confused!

Enjoy your kitchen and congratulations again.

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Like the others, I wasn't looking over here; wasn't aware that kitchens had to come here first before FKB..

That said, your new kitchen looks fantastic! I bet you are having a wonderful time using your new and improved space. You did a wonderful job!

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Beautiful transformation! I love to see when people open up their spaces. You did an amazing job and I hope you and your family are enjoying the new space.

I have a question for you regarding your breakfast nook. We plan to do a bump out in the future to create a nook with banquet seating. Our architect recommended having the windows go down low to the seating similarly to yours. How are you liking it like that? I wasn't sure about it because I haven't seen many done like that. It looks lovely, but I wonder if you miss having a bit of a back to lean against. Thank you for your input. The table and chairs you have there are gorgeous as well.

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cali wendy: So far, I haven't missed something to lean back on. We have several pillows there now, and I have also been using that table mostly for doing a 1,500 piece jigsaw puzzle, and I find that I lean forward for that. We didn't really have a choice because the original windows were low, too. I like the way it looks; the only issue is that I need to temporarily move the pillows when raising or lowering the woven shades (not a problem at all). We have been eating at the island lately, but it was fine for eating, too. Lounging, or relaxing would probably be better with a back, but I like the light coming in.

BTW, does "cali" stand for California? I'm a California girl, too (if it does).

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Beautiful kitchen! Love the pendant lights. Well done! Enjoy :)

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I really don't want to hurt your feelings, but that before.....was AWFUL. Only my own kitchen was worse. HA! The after...absolutely SPECTACULAR in every way! I'm blown away.

ENJOY! Wishing you many, many good meals in your beautiful kitchen.


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Thank you so much for the banquet input. I'll have to think long and hard about how we will really use the space before I make a decision down the road. I am always trying to make the windows as big as possible because I like the light too.

Yes, I'm Wendy in California. :) Ventura to be exact, but I also lived in Santa Cruz and the Bay area for 12 years.

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cali wendy: Ventura is right in the neighborhood...we are in Agoura Hills! Good luck with your decisions. Patti

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Just saw your response Patti. Yes, we are nearby! Did you use many L.A. resources for your remodel? I stayed pretty local. I thought I would be able to find better prices and more variety in materials if I looked in L.A., but frankly, I get intimidated because there is so much! I may try and look outside my comfort zone for Phase II. :) Are there any resources you would recommend?

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I know how easy it is to become intimidated by so many choices. We used a variety of resources, mostly LA/SF Valley (Ferguson's, Warehouse Discount Center, Pacific Sales, Snyder Diamond, Tile City and Stone, California Furniture Gallery), but ordered some things online (Quoizel lighting, TopKnobs). We generally had great service, but I am sure we overpaid for many things, as we are not DIY. We had a wonderful KD and GC, and ordered many things through them, but I know that there are better discounts available for those who are driven to find them.

We are now considering a master bath/bedroom remodel, and while I am much more confident and feel that we could handle more of the GC stuff ourselves, we will most likely go with our design/build firm again, since we were so pleased with them. All of their subcontractors were great, and we have already established relationships with the tile guy, the plumber, the electrician, the painter, etc. Good luck to you on phase II.

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Thank you so much Patti! It is nice to hear that you had such a positive experience.

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I love the updated changes especially your cabinet style and painted and stained choices! Thanks for sharing. I am learning that I like many types of looks and it is how they are integrated into the kitchen that makes for a beautiful kitchen like yours.

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I just love your tile above your cook area. Really neat. Great job, lots of thought went into the planning I can tell. Beautiful!!!

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