Furnace/AC/Coil compatabliity/price

BarryDennisApril 24, 2012


I have an American Standard 80,000 BTU 2 stage furnace (new)

AUH2B080A9V3VA and it was installed with an AmericanStandard

Coil model 4TXCB036BC3HCA. 3 ton coil

Now want to install/ add AC was quoted

1 American Standard Allegiance 16 SEER 4A7A6036B1000A

for $4500 plus electricians charge. Was told by another

that the coil doesn't match right with this system and

SEER will drop to 14.5. Do you know if this is correct?

2 Also quoted AS Allegiance 15 SEER 4A7A5030E1000A for $3453 plus electrician. Will the SEER drop on this one too?

Should I have a different coil?

Is price good or not? IF price not so good what should I shoot for?

House is a raised ranch in Mass 1300 feet on top floor, 450 feet living space on first floor, good attic insulation, good windows, wall insulation a bit weak.

The 16 SEER I think is 3 ton and the 15 is 2.5. Any thoughts on what size to go with?

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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According to the AHRI AC Directory, both these condensers are a match based on the evap coil and furnace mdl you listed.

2 1/2 TON Allegiance 15 AC ref #3431747

3 TON Allegiance 16 AC ref #3851314

These reference numbers allow you to see the performance/efficiency numbers.

I personally would prefer the Allegiance 15

I suspect you are oversized on your furnace.
Do you have a true two stage thermostat?

Is dealer including new refrigerant lineset in quote?

I assume you are without AC at the moment. correct? New coil was not used on old AC condenser? If you had an old condenser removed, what size was it?

What are you doing now about filtering your return air?

Post back.


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Can I ask why you would prefer the 15? Was thinking of the 16 as it says it is quieter, but need professional advice.

Thermostat is ACONT802AS32DA. Do you know if it is a 2 stage or not. I assume it should be a two stage if the furnace is a 2 stage furnace.

All lines would be new as no AC in place now. There is a 16 x 20 pleated filter on furnace but not the big one that is often installed. Don't think there was room.

Any comments on pricing. If I did the 2 stage 16 SEER I assume it needs to be ( or should be a two stage theromstat?

Thanks again

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The Allegiance 15 is a single stage condenser and has a lower SEER rating. Why do you prefer it over the Allegiance 16?

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Masssechusetts? How much do you use AC during the year? I'm guessing not much, hence there is no real reason to spend the extra grand for 16 SEER versus 15. The payback period will be fairly long, I would guess.

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Look at the numbers on the reference numbers provided. Operating costs are better on the 2 1/2 ton than the 3 ton.

Humidification will be better on the 15 than the 16. All those 16 series models from either Trane or AS have been problematic on dehumidification.

Look at the cost difference. You will never recover that amount in a timely basis. Not worth it on cost alone.

And that is not a two stg thermostat and don't let anyone say it is. Yes it works but you will be running in the high stage practically all the time whether it is needed or not. I suspect for your home the high stage could even be disabled. Be aware the true two stage thermostat is for heating not cooling.

I would follow up on the air filter cabinet.

Why the extra cost on the electric. Most reputable installers are qualified in this area. Please clarify.


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Probaby won't use that much so maybe the 15 is better especially if it will dehumidify better. Should they have recommended a 2 stage thermostat with it being a 2 stage furnance? The AC for the 15 was about $3450 plus $800 for the electrician. The coil is already inplace but nothng else but the furnance. Is that high? Will possibly move thrmostat from first fllor to second floor which is the main living floor in a raised ranch, should I switch to a 2 stage thermostat? Seems like I should. How much does the filter cabinet usually run, is it necessary, important? Thanks for all your help. Oh one other thing. HOw far should the condensor be from a dryer vent, a gas meter and a direct vent furnance and water heater vent. THanks again

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Wondering why you say the ACONT802 isn't a 2-stage thermostat. It's a 3H/2C thermostat with W1 and W2 outputs, same as the Honeywell VisionPRO 8320 with an A/S label.

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I see the AHRI directory states the operating cost is higher for the 16 vs. the 15. This is a little strange since the SEER rating is higher. So much for paying extra for a higher SEER rating!

I am suprised the 16 does a worse job on dehumdification than the 15. Improved dehumidification is one of the main reasons for spending the extra money on a 2-stage condenser. The extra money for a 2-stage is mostly for improved comfort. It it can't provide it, then I agree it is not worth the extra money.

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