Finished Creamy White Kitchen

kfroddyApril 18, 2010

I posted this kitchen when we finished it -- about three years ago -- but after getting a couple of follow-up questions, realized that it never got posted to the FKB. Hopefully it works this time.

Here are (hopefully) the pics:

Here are the particulars with my comments about how I like them three years later:

Cabinets: Mouser, custom inset, maple "China" painted finish (almost identical to Dove Wing, Benjamin Moore paint); cherry, burnished autumn (I think that's the finish) under the bar -- These cabinets have held up so well. I don't find them hard to keep clean like I thought I would, and I have two very young children. I just use the Guardsman polish Mouser recommends. They haven't shown any cracking or anything like others had reported about painted white cabinets when I was debating whether I should go ahead with them. I'm so glad I just went with what I loved!

Also, word of advice: make sure to take inventory of everything you own and think hard about where you are going to put it all when designing your cabinets. Not until I did that did I realize that I didn't need a specific "pots and pans" drawer -- the height of my pots could fit in a normal drawer, even when stacked. Using normal drawers allowed me to fit in a shallow top drawer for spatulas, etc. I can't imagine not having that shallow top drawer. Also, consider using the cabinet above the refrigerator as a place to store cookie sheets, muffin pans, extra pot lids, etc. We just put a few dividers in -- wonderful use of space!

Countertops: Black Pearl Antique granite -- I LOVE my countertop! Talk about low-maintenance! The "antique" finish gives it a soft feel like soapstone and shows no fingerprints like a honed finish. The black pearl granite is better than absolute black in hiding dirt because it has a little variation in color. I wanted soapstone, but had to be realistic about my lifestyle, and this was a perfect choice. I get so many compliments about this countertop (got at Marble Systems in Fairfax, VA).

Backsplash: Marble subway tile in Creme Marfil (light cream), polished -- Still lovely, and I've completely neglected it!

Pendant Lights: Restoration Hardware -- They are like jewels, giving the kitchen more interest.

Paint on walls: Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware

Hardware: Cup Pulls from Restoration Hardware, brushed nickel

Range: Wolf 36" all gas -- This is the one thing I'm not totally loving. While I like the look a lot (the red knobs make me smile), we had some issues with the stove-top "exploding" (gas build up b/f turning on with a bang) and then not lighting, etc. The non-sealed burners are a pain for someone who has no time to dote on them. You have to make sure everything is lined up just right. A lot of heat seems to escape from the oven -- it heats up the kitchen a lot, and the outside gets really hot to the touch. If you have the oven going, you can't cook delicate sauces. The oven doesn't really cook things evenly. Whatever is cooking furthest from the convection fan cooks a lot faster than the portion near the fan. If you get a Wolf, get the extended warranty. They are very very good about coming out and tweaking it. While I adore the look, I had better, consistent performance from my old lower-end range. You really need to cook a lot to get a "feel" on how it cooks so you don't burn things.

Hood: Vent-a-Hood, Nouveau Pro -- Does a very good job, although it's pretty loud (not unusually so though)

Sink: Franke Oceania -- Another thing I still absolutely love. A large one-bowl sink is a must! We use the colander as a drying rack, which keeps drying dishes off of the counter and "in" the sink.

Faucet: Grohe Ladyluxe - Looks nice and performs really well

Refrigerator: LG, French door -- I don't love this fridge, but it's fine. I find that if I put lettuce/spinach near the back, it freezes sometimes. A cabinet-depth fridge is a lot less space than I was used to -- thank goodness we kept the old fridge in the garage.

Warming Drawer: GE Monogram - We use this more than we thought we would

Dishwashwer: Bosch -- Nice, basic, quiet DW. Beware of water streaks on the stainless front panel -- just can't get them out, but they aren't super noticeable, so it's not that big of a deal.

Microwave/Additional Oven: GE Advantium -- Much better use of space and money than a second oven, although we don't use the Advantium much because there isn't a lot of guidance about how long to cook things. They mostly tested brand-name processed food and tell you how long to cook those items, but don't give guidance on how to figure out how to program your casserole.

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Hi kfroddy!

Thank you for giving permission to have your kitchen added to the FKB! I have added you to the Coming Soon list.
When you get the chance can you please fill out the FKB Category Checklist? It will help me to categorize your kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: FKB Category Checklist

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Kfroddy - you have a lovely kitchen! I am also thinking of putting in black pearl antique. It is great to hear you love it and that it is low maintenance. I am wondering if your granite looks green or black - I was surprised to learn that black pearl is actually green granite. I would never have seen the green in my sample if someone did not tell me about it.

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Your kitchen is beautiful! I have Mouser cabinets too and can't say enough about their painted finish. It feels like silk. Enjoy your kitchen and thank you so much for sharing.

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I am inspired by your kitchen and am also going with antique black pearl. I'm also in DC-area--can you tell me where you got your backsplash? The only crema marfil subways I found (went to Architectural Ceramics in Bethesda today) were very peachy colored--yours look creamy, which is what I'm looking for. I also looked at calacatta subways, but there was too much variation for my comfort level (I would like subtle variation, as your pictures show).

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Thanks for all of the nice comments! No, my black pearl granite does not look green at all -- just a mottled black ranging from pure black to a charcoal.

As for the crema marfil subways, the only place we could find them at the time was Best Tile in Rockville. I bet Ann Sacks and Waterworks and Georgetown both carry the a nice crema marfil in a 3x6. I'm redoing our bathrooms now in marble subway, and I remember that the pricing at AS and WW was lower than I had expected (although I can't remember exactly what it was per sq/ft). Hope that helps!

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Your kitchen is lovely and looks very well-designed. You must be very happy with it.
I'm not sure if you would even see this msg at this point but I'll try! How are the cabinets holding up? Mouser is an option for us, in a white painted finish. I'm wondering how the finish looks after a year or so...any dents/scratches? Do you see hairline cracks in the doors?

Thank you for your input.

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Hi.... your kitchen is beautiful. I have mouser too. Installed last June and I have a crack in my cabinets already.... but Mouser is working with me to get it repaired. I Didnt want to deal with my sales person/ installer. Curiously I feel like I got ripped off by my cabinet sales company and I was wondering what you paid just for the cabinets... it looks like we have similar square footage , you may have a bit more. MY cabinets alone were 23,500 - uninstalled. Do you think I was taken?

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What is the flooring on your kitchen? It is so pretty!

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kfroddy-- if you are still live with this posting-- can you tell me... how deep is the breakfast bar top? i really like the look of it-- and the placement resembles our (future) design. can you give me the dimensions and any information on it?? thanks much, kawh

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Beautiful Kitchen! Enjoyed reading your post because my husband and I are about ready to break ground and much much much thought has gone into the kitchen for me.
Was totally going to get the Wolf 36 with 4 burners and griddle. Now I don't know what to do. ????
Thanks for that detailed post though. Very helpful, especially for someone like me who is just getting started. This is all so overwhelming. Fun, but overwhelming! Take Care!

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Beautiful kitchen. Perfect timing---your insight/experience with the antique black pearl granite really helped me. Thanks for sharing!

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