carrier hvac or trane hvac

jtmoneApril 5, 2012

Is this a good system ?

We will furnish and install the following equipment:

1-Carrier Model# 59TP5A006 nominal 60,000 BTU 96.3% A.F.U.E gas fired furnace.

1-Carrier model# 24ACC636 3 ton 15.5 SEER 12.6EER Puron remote air-cooled condenser.

1-Carrier evaporator coil.

1-Support pad.

4-Support pumps-ups

$6400.00 Installed

Trane HVAC

We hereby propose to furnish all labor and materials necessary to perform the following scope of work:


X REMOVE EXISTING : Furnace, AC, Coil and related debris


DESCRIPTION / TYPE 80% 2 Stage 60,000 BTUH Gas Furnace with Variable Speed Blower

BRAND Trane XL15i MODEL # T4TTX5030A1000A

DESCRIPTION / TYPE 15 SEER AC Condensing Unit 2 1/2 Ton with R-410a Refrigerant


DESCRIPTION / TYPE 2 1/2 Ton Cased Evaporator Coil with TXV

X NOTES: New Furnace to be installed in the same location as the existing gas furnace. We will install new B-Vent from

the furnace to the existing connector. The new cased evaporator coil will be installed atop the new furnace.

The new AC Condensing unit will also be installed in the same location as the existing unit. We will install

a new outdoor safety disconnect with fuses. We will also put the unit on a new vinyl platform.

Also includes all needed parts and labor.

THERMOSTAT: We will reuse existing thermostat.

DUCT CLEANING: We will include a FREE duct cleaning with this option.

$5999.00 - installed

Which is the better system ?

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Some questions please.

What is your location?

What size home living area?

What size furnace and eff are you replacing?

What size AC are you replacing?

I would like to know the exact mdl number evap coil for each quote.

What thermostat is proposed for the Carrier quote?

That is a big difference between the 96% eff Carrier furnace and the 80% eff Trane furnace-both 60 K input. That would be about 56 KBTUs output on the Carrier and about 48 KBTUs on the Trane. Not insignificant.

I don't care for some shortcuts that homeowners make particularly on reusing linesets and using existing thermostats that shortchange a nice furnace's operational capability.

Post back with the info requested.


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I think there is a difference in size of the outdoor units. I think the Carrier quote has 3-ton and the trane is 2.5 ton. Which is correct? What size do you currently have and how did it do?

What is your climate and electrical rate/gas rate?

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I live in Owings Mills MD
My home is townhouse about 1600 sf

Both Carrier and Trane did load calc but Trane said total load would be 1.7 Tons so he recommended a 2.5 ton A/C unit and The carrier guy said I was just under 2.5 tons so he recommended the 3 ton unit. I believe the Trane clac is correct, can't verify the carrier guys data although he said he come by today to review with me.

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Carrier rep is reviewing his load data and will update me on Monday, My current unit is a York 2.5 Ton A/C unit that does not cool very well, granted its leaking freon and it work VERY hard just to get 75 degree in the summer and can't get any colder than that. Once again train load data said I need minimum of 2.0 Ton but they recommend going to 2.5 Tons based on a load calc of 1.8 for AC cooling. Carrier says I recommend a 3 Ton AC unit based on a Calc load ratio of 2.65 AC load.

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A new some that works good might be fine at 2.5 tons. How did the old unit work when it was new?

Can you do any insulating to improve the heat loss/gain at your townhome? Adding Attic insulation is an inexpensive solution that really helps if you don't have a ton of insulatin already.

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