What are some reasonably=priced, lower cost granites?

beths96April 22, 2010

Hello! There's a very slight possibility that I might finally be able to get the granite counters I've wanted since I did my remodel in 2004/2005. The only way I can justify getting them is if I choose a granite that is on the lower end of the price range.

So...did anyone choose a lower-priced granite, and if so, can you share experiences/prices/pictures? Thanks! I am not looking to change anything in the kitchen except the countertops. I will keep everything (paint color, cabinets, backsplash, appliances) the same. This is just a possibility, not a guarantee, but I want to prepare myself for the cost before even considering it. The edge I would want would be nothing fancy, just not squared off. I would like something curved so that my little ones won't get really hurt if they run into them.

And if the price is too much, I'm pretty happy with the laminate I have. Just wanted some opinions! Thanks!

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