Cat messed up sock project!!!

socksMarch 13, 2008

The cat became so tangled in the sock I just started (3/4" of ribbing done) that he had to break the yarn to extract her, my project and a feathered toy! What a mess.

I'm so disappointed. The stitches are all still on the 3 needles, but now I have to join the yarn. What's the best way--just knit a few stitches with two strands and weave them in later?


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Yes I would knit a few stitches with both strands and weave in later.

I feel your pain! With two young kids and two cats, I have all but quit using straight needles. I am constantly interrupted on my projects and will lay my project aside on the coffee table. I now will only knit with circulars, so that I can pull the stitches to the middle when I have to set a project down and know that they are pretty safe from mishaps. And, yes, I have chased a cat down the hall with needles dragging beside her and a skein unraveling in the living room!


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My personal preference would be to just start knitting with the second strand and weave the ends in later. Less bulk than using both strands, even for a few stitches.

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Thank you both.

Rebecca, you do have your hands full with your kids, kats, and knitting! I honestly don't think I could knit with all that "help." LOL!

I'll try knitting with two strands, and if it looks too bulky, I'll take it out and do as you suggested, Donna. Two strands might not be too noticeable on the ribbing.

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If you just start knitting with the second strand, wouldn't that leave a hole? I would make sure to twist the two strands once before weaving them in.

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I knitted a few stitches with two strands, and it looks ok so far. I haven't woven them in yet. Feeding, you mean to twist them together, then weave?

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