Which Buderis?

rococogurlApril 17, 2014

We need to replace our boiler as ours is now 26. I've known for a few years this was coming. Buderis seems to be the best choice as we are keeping the oil heating. However, it was difficult to tell which Buderis model from the website.

We also need to add a new heating zone and the service guy mentioned something called a sidearm that handles hot water.

Any suggestions, comments, pro advice or experience would be helpful. TIA

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I think I would go with the 115WS. You will want an outdoor reset control either Buderus' or Tekmar. OR adjusts the output temp of the boiler based on outdoor temps. The "sidearm" or indirect tank is a good option for your hot water. I prefer the Phase 3 to the Buderus tank, but then again I had a Buderus tank for 8 yrs with no problems. The Ph3 is stainless.

Buderus is an excellent choice in a cast iron boiler for either gas or oil. They throw more cast iron than all other boiler manuf combined.

Your biggest concern is to determine how it will be vented. If you direct vent (side wall) it and have an indirect you will be running the boiler year round to make hot water. Oil exhaust smells and while all the doors and windows are closed and you are not out on the patio it is typically not a problem. If however the vent terminates below a window you like to open or next to the porch/patio..... Inspect your chimney carefully. It may require a relining. That is costly. To my mind your biggest decision is the vent method. You will be happier with the chimney, assuming it is good to use.

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Thanks Jackfre.

I have one estimate now, for a Budurus #G115WS/4 with Riello burner and Logamatic control. My understanding is that the Logamatic calculates indoor and outdoor temperature and adjusts for that.

We currently vent through the chimney and don't anticipate a change. The chimney sweep is coming next week and I can ask him to check the boiler vent side.

We have an 80 gallon superstore now, which we installed during our reno (now 10 y.o.) and has been excellent. I'm told the Buderus coil system will help with that. But I'd rather not replace the hot water tank as it isn't really necessary.

We do have an issue with heating in three areas that are built over crawl space (not our decision). The laundry room and powder room have very little heat. Thermostats are in different rooms and these are last on the feed. I had to run space heaters in these this past winter.

One provider has suggested reversing the pipes so these are heated first. But then our main TV room and the adjacent living room (much less used) will be last to get heat. We live in the TV room, and that's on the powder room line -- that's the main downstairs bath, also used by guests. Wasn't fun in there when the temp was 50F.

Our plumber, who also is giving me a bid, didn't seem to think that repiping the zones was a great idea.

Is it worth it to spend the money to create a new zone for those two areas that are connected and run on a separate thermostat? It makes sense to me since they have very different temps than the rest of the house but it's costly to do that and my concern is that, with the additional zone over crawl space, any savings we would gain by installing the Buderus will be offset by increased usage in that extra zone.

Makes me feel I just can't get ahead of the heating costs, even with investments made in insulation and air sealing and the cost of the new furnace.

Also, anyone care to comment on the $10,700 quote to put in the Buderus (with Logamatic + Riello burner) and reversing the zone pipes? (This quote is not for creating the extra zone -- I have asked them for that separately).

Also, any wisdom about having the oil company install vs the plumber since the oil company does the maintenance?

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