Crocheting granny squares together - a question?

FrizzleMarch 25, 2009

When they say, crochet squares together - do they mean through both threads on the top of a "stitch" on both squares? Or just through the front one on both, or the back one on both?

Seems like going through both threads on both squares would be bulky?

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I think it would be more bulky to catch both, but a stronger connection. I think I've done it that way before but haven't made a pieced item in some time. I'm not sure what is correct, so I hope someone else here can help.

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I think I always used to use the plastic needle and whipped stitched them together that is one of the things I hate about squares you have to attach them to each other I usually end up making one big granny square now.

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Here is a google page with lots of sites that may help you figure out how to do it

Here is a link that might be useful: Joining Squares - Google Search

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I think the way I used to do it was to put two squares right sides toghether and then crochet through the back loops that made it less bulky on the front and had them laying nice and even without a ridge on the right sides.

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I did pretty much the same way zipper_tx did, but instead of crocheting them together, I slip stitched them. It will leave a nice little ridge, and when adding strips together, they look like a bunch of little blocks...I left a long enough tail on both sides, and tied them in the back of the work. I also slip stitched each vertical strip adding alot of dimension. Hope this helps...

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Thanks ladies. I've whip stitched them together before and that made the joinings almost impossible to see. This pattern, however, calls for them to be crochet together - it just didn't tell me how specifically to do it.

So I tried one way, didn't like it, ripped it out, tried another way, didn't like it, ripped it out, whip stitched it together and POOF! done.

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