Casting on additional stitches?

jxbrownMarch 1, 2008

I am knitting a sweater from the neck down. It is a one piece cardigan on a circular needle. I'm now at the point where the instructions tell me to knit across the front, slip the sleeve stitches onto a stitch holder, cast on 14 more stitches, then knit across the back to the next sleeve, slip stitches onto a stitch holder, cast on 14 stitches, and knit across the other side of the front. What is the best way to cast on stitches in the middle of a piece? I only know one way to cast on and I don't think it will work here.

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You can do a backwards loop of yarn onto the needle. You can also just knit them onto the needle. See for this method. They explain with pictures and with videos.

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Funny you would ask this as I am knitting my first neck-down sweater and just did this. Go to as sheilajoyce said and click on 'Cast On'. Then go to the video under 'Single Cast-On' which is actually the Backwards Loop method. Couldn't be easier. I will never knit a sweater again that isn't neck-down if I can help it. No seams!!

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