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sammybee62April 15, 2012

Hi- I'm in Florida. We have 2400 square feet under air 2 story (the handler is in the second story closet). I have an 18 year old 4 ton unit that is extremely inefficient. Plus I don't think it's big enough for the house.

We didn't even turn it on last year because the electric bills in July and August were $500 each month the previous year.

I've just been quoted $4,577 out the door installed for a 5 ton 16 seer Rheem. How does this sound? This is my first quote so I'm looking to see how this quote sizes up. Are there any questions I need to ask the A/c guy regarding this quote? Hopefully this will bring my electric bill down significantly. I appreciate any help.



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First off, did the dealer run a loadcalc? Or did you just say that you wanted a 5 ton? If you have too larger system and single stage, your performance will be terrible. Because it will blow full force in short run cycles, which will not allow enough run time to dehumidify well.

Secondly, that sounds too low of a price for a five ton 16 SEER AHRI matched system. Is the category of the AC unit up to 16 Seer? Or is the whole matchup 16 Seer. It's not easy to hit a 16 SEER matchup for the whole system in 5 ton in entry level equipment. The whole system matchup is what matters.

So make sure the load is correct, and make sure the whole system matchup has the Seer rating you want. Ask for the AHRI number and then you can verify it on their website if you want to be sure.

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Most houses don't have the duct work to handle a 5 ton unit. If the load calculation indicates 5 ton is required, then you should be asking what is going to be done to increase the duct supplies and returns.

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you should get more bids.
just because a 4 ton 18 year old unit
wasn't cooling, or cost so much
to operate doesn't mean to upsize.

18 year old unit would be approx 8 seer
you are doubling the efficiency.

not only would the fact that the ductwork
may not be able to handle the extra 400
cfm of air..but return air would also need

ducts shold be inspected and resized
or rerouted if necessary. they should
also be mastic sealed. 18 years ago
they didn't alwaysseal ductwork as well as
can be done now.

always get several bids. and keep in mind
that brands have two options for instance
trane and american standard are made by
same companies. one is more costly due
to brand, the other is basically the same
just lesser known name.

also get bids for heat pump.
this will be same in cooling but
save a lot in heating season.
heating with electric strip is
the most expensive way to heat.

best of luck.

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Good luck, i WOULD FIND A different contractor.

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Old system works. Why replace it? U did not use a/c in July/August. So ur pretty tough. Why use it at all? Save a lot of money. U might be 70? Will u live long enough to break even on elec bill. All good questions.

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