Is Iceco the same as Rheem?

gopackApril 7, 2008

We thought we were getting a Rheem a/c and furnace. After the install, we looked at the unit in the attic, and it is an Iceco. The warranty book says it is a division of Rheem, so I guess it is a Rheem? Is it a low end one or is this the one they normally use?

I don't want a low end unit in our new custom home. We have been there, done that with builder grade hvac units. Every house with one has broken done in less than 5 years.

Just wondering if anyone knows if this is a good one.


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I found that a bit ago. Didnt see that name mentioned at Rheems website. I thought they just did Rheem, Ruud and Weatherking. May be differant in your part of the country though.

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Iceco is a Division of Rheem, usually marketed as Weatherking.
Some of the Iceco products are identical to Rheem except for the sticker. Some of the Weatherking is builder model units made in Mexico, the model & serial number will tell you when & where it was made.
In the middle of the serial number will be a letter followd by 4 numbers, the letters will be F,M,G,N
The F is for Fort Smith Ar.
The M is for Milligeville, Ga.
The G is for Greenville, Ms.
The N is for a town in Mexico that starts with an N.
the next 4 numbers is the week of the Year & the year it was made. 1707 is 17th week of 2007
0208 is the 2cd week of 2008
Hope this helps

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That is great information you gave me. I will check the serial number. The unit ( I am talking about the thing hanging in the attic) does have a Rheem logo sticker on the panel that I didn't see last week. But the warranty booklet says Iceco warranty on it. It does say that Iceco is a division of Rheem. So I guess it is not a Weather King model???

If I find the serial number and it is built in Mexico, should I assume it is a Weather King?

I showed the warranty booklet to my builder. She called the owner of the HVAC place she uses and they said not to worry. It is a Rheem unit and the reason the warranty book says Iceco is because some of the parts are Iceco.


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It's getting confusing. When Rheem made the stupid move of turning WeatherKing into the low end division, like Carrier did with Payne, they started using the name Iceco. Now, the base models that used to be only sold as WeatherKing are now sold as Rheem & Ruud too and appear on both websites. The deluxe stuff starts with R & U. The base stuff starts with the SEER or AFUE number. Still good stuff, just stripped of features and shorter warranty.

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