Can anybody help me with a Christmas Stocking?

trinitytxMarch 23, 2008

My sister is coming to visit me, and I am trying to put a special package together for her.

She is just now finishing treatment for breast cancer, and this has been a crappy year for us both. My goal is to try and bring back some of her childhood for her visit.

I need to find somebody that can knit back her Christmas stocking. Somehow in all our years it has been lost, and she mentioned to me that she would love to have it back.

I know I can't come up with the real thing, but I have pictures of our stockings, and I also have my original that could be used as a pattern. It is from 1957, so it is a bit old, but the real thing non the less.

I will pay dearly if somebody will help me.


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If you knit, you could just graph out a stocking, and then apply the 'cute' stuff with duplicate stitch. it shouldn't be hard...just get some graph paper and make each square a stitch..then make a pattern of whatever it is is on the stockings (hopefully, it's not to detailed) Duplicate stitch is not difficult to do, and would be, I think, easier that trying to incorporate the design into the actual knitting of the stocking. I can't help but think this stocking would be much more meaningful for your sister if YOU made it for her. You could also 'translate' it by making a stocking of an appropriate white fabric (or, buying a white sweater and cutting the stocking from that material, and sewing it up....then putting the design on with duplicate.

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Can you send me a picture of your stocking?

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I just went through the same thing for my sister. A mouse had eaten the angora that was Santa's beard on our childhood X-mas stocking. The entire face was destroyed. I had to rip out half the stocking and reknit it copying one of the other stockings that was still intact. If you post a picture of the stocking, maybe I can help.

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I have found someone to help me from the Kitchen Table forum, but I want to thank you all for your willingness to help me. this is a huge deal for my sister and a surprise as well. I appreciate you all for reaching out to help me.


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