Granite/Backsplash Combination

seasidejennApril 29, 2010

We are soon to close on our new home and I'm concerned over my kitchen selections. The granite is Santa Cecilia and the backsplash is a light tumbled marble subway tile. I love these two selections independent of each other, but when put together, I'm afraid it's busy and/or doesn't match. It's not too late for me to have them remove the backsplash and repair the wall behind, although it breaks my heart to see that money go down the drain. However, should we remove it? Or, is there a paint color we could use in the kitchen and breakfast room that would pull this look together? I appreciate the help!

Image link:

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seasidejenn...I think if you post your question on the discussion side of this forum you will get a lot of feedback...

As far as I can tell, it looks good. I am going with the same subway tile as you did. And my graninte is about as "busy" as yours...(delicatus white)... Believe me, I don't like busy. If you can post a larger picture with more lighting, I could say for sure. But from the picture you posted I think it's good.

hope that helps! And repost on Discussions for more input!

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kitchenaddict - thank you so much. I really appreciate your feedback.

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