Condensate pump running

jleiwigApril 29, 2008

Hello. I recently moved into a "new" old house and when you turn on the heat, the AC condensate pump runs continuously. I'm guessing by everything I've read that the float in the pump is stuck. It appears to be a little giant pump, but I haven't pulled it out to get the make or model off of it.

My question is this. Is there a way to wire it so that it only comes on when the selector is switched to AC? I can't imagine a reason why it would be needed for the heat. Am I wrong in thinking that?

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It may be needed for a condensate producing furnace or humidifier while heating.

They are simple to check and clean, 4 screws and top comes off.

Many times installers shove tubing used as drains into the pump holes that bind the float, check that first.

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I don't think I have a condensate producing furnace. There is definitely no humidifier.

I'll try cleaning it first and checking the tubing. It's wedged behind the water heater so it's difficult to get to, but do-able.



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Does your furnace vent up a chimney or out the wall? If it's high efficiency using through-the-wall venting it will produce condensate that needs to be drained periodically.

the pump shouldn't run constantly--that's a pump problem that won't be solved by wiring it differently. FWIW, replacements cost less than $100 generally and you can install yourself if you're mildly handy.

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Justin, I think you should clean out the pump, they have tablets you can drop in to keep them cleaner. The pump running constant is going to burn itself out.

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