New heat pump / air handler quote

bluejay_2010April 17, 2010

Replacing a 10 year old unit in my house and I know nothing about heat pumps, air handlers, etc.

Received following quote for complete install and need to know if it seems reasonable and is correct configuration

Bryant 286BNA024 Heat Pump

Evolution Digital Control

Variable Speed Fan FE4ANF002

Strip Heater KFCEH0901N10

Price - $6300 (includes Bryant rebate)

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a very nice system. price is before the fed govt tax credit? kind of expensive just for a two ton system.

3748497 Active Systems PREFERRED 16 PURON HP BRYANT HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEMS 286BNA024****A FE4ANF002+UI 23800 12.70 16.50 27000 9.20 16400

if you would like a suggestion on a less expensive Bryant, I will be glad to make a recommendation.


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Yes, price is before fed gov tax credit.
What would be fair price for this two ton system? Being a newbie leaves me in the dark when it comes to prices!

Any suggestions for less expensive Bryant or Carrier systems would be appreciated.

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here is a Bryant sgl stg heat pump system. mdl numbers are important. pay close attention if you ask dealer to provide a quote.

3406028 Active Systems PREFERRED 15 PURON HP BRYANT HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEMS 265ANH024-B FV4CN(B,F)003 23600 13.00 15.50 24000 9.10 15200

this is a vs air handler. substitute the Bryant Edge thermidistat for the Evolution controller. keep the staged 9KW heat strip.

this system will save you some change.


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The price for a 286B 2 ton system seems fair because it the top of the Bryant line (Evolution), it also depends on the little things they have to do of the install.

You may ask them for a quote on a non communicating system which has the same 2 speed compressor
FV4C-2 - variable speed air handler
and ask them about a compressor sound blanket. That system doesn't come with one and is a decent add on.

It has a small rebate on it also and will qualify for the tax credit.

Right now with the rebate, makes the Evolution a good time to buy by bring the price down a few hundred about the non communicating 226A if that's what you want.

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for classic dave

isn't the 286B actually the Preferred 16 rebadged and named for the original Evolution 16 that has been discontinued?

being only a two ton system,I will assume OP has a small home. It would seem that a good qualifying sgl stg HP system with std VS air handler and thermidistat might be a better value. Homeowner will have to evaluate the cost difference vs marginal improvement if any in comfort and operating cost.

BTW,ClassicDave, how much is a sound blanket?


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Bryant is same as Carrier. It's made by Carrier.

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