Hearts Afghan

mommytomanyMarch 11, 2008

I just received the latest Mary Maxim catalog and on page 28 is a kit for the Hearts Afghan (knitted) designed by Lynda Cady. I've been searching for a pattern just like this one in baby size. Would anyone happen to have what I'm looking for? Thanks!

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That afghan isn't very big to begin with. But I think that if you use baby yarn and a smaller hook, you'll have the perfect size. Send me an email.

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Thanks for replying Donna but I think you are looking at Grandma's Heart which is a heart shaped afghan on the same page. The one I'm looking for is the Knitted Pattern called "Hearts Afghan by Lynda Cady"

The following link should take you to a picture of it.
Thanks again!

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture of Hearts Afghan

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I have some really pretty ones that are simialr but they are crocheted -if you are interested let me know :)

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You're right, Mommy. I was thinking of Grandma's Heart. Sorry. But I do have a pattern for a nice heart afghan.


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Starving, I would appreciate any heart afghan patterns you might have even if they are crochet. Thank you very much!

Donna, I actually have the book this pattern came from but I certainly do appreciate your help. Looks like I might have to break down eventually and buy this kit just for the pattern.

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In the baby afghan I made it had a heart in each square. One sq. had a heart with a mesh background, and the other sq. would have a mesh background with a solid heart in the middle. You would alternate the squares, then put a crochet a ruffle all around the edge of blanket. This isn't the heart afghan that someone was looking for. My afghan doesn't look like the Hearts Afghan, but makes a nice baby gift to make up.

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That sounds like a beautiful blanket. Would you happen to have a picture of it or willing to share the pattern?

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You're in luck since both Crochet Pattern Central and Knitting Pattern Central have a directory page of all things "heart" - I like the Heart Baby Blanket on the Knitting page and I have made the Hearts and Diamond Afghan on the Crochet page.

Have fun exploring!

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