98.627% Finished Kitchen - Transitional White Inset w/ glass til

theanimalaMarch 24, 2010

After reading this site daily for 6 months now and getting tons of great advice it's time for us to post our finished kitchen. In keeping with the style of the house we needed to go more modern than traditional, but we didn't want something too contemporary. Also, we couldn't decide on painted or stained cabinets, so we decided to do both by painting the perimeter while having the island stained.

Although we moved no walls, it ended up being a bigger project then we expected as the old tile floor went through our foyer, powder room and laundry room. Also didn't have correct sub-flooring, and we wanted to move some of the appliances around, etc. The reason the it is only 98.627% completed, is we still have 1.373% left to do, such as glass shelves in glass front doors so in cabinet lighting can shine all the way through, etc.


Cabinets - Inset Shiloh Homestead painted MB Softwhite, Island Maple stained Espresso

Flooring - Tile Fashion Coffee 12 x 24

Countertops - Caesarstone Raven, Ceasarstone Misty Carrera - Mitred Edge

Main Sink - Franke 33" SS Apron - FHX710-33S

Main Faucet - Generic Costco Brand

Prep Sink - Elkay - ELU1618

Prep Faucet - Danze Como Pulldown

Refrigerator - JennAir CD FD - JFC2089HES

Ovens - Electrolux - EW30EW65GS

Warming Drawer - Electrolux - EW30WD55GS

Microwave - Electrolux - EL27MO45GS

Cooktop - DCS 36" Drop-in - CTD-365

Hood - Bosch - DKE9365AUC

Beverage Center - GE Monogram - ZDBC240NBS

Dishwasher - Bosch

Backsplash - White Glass subway tile from theglassmosiacoutlet.com

Backsplash - Stainless Steel 1x2 tiles

Pulls - TopKnobs - Princetonian

Paint - BM 1542 Himalayan Trek



Sink Area:



Island - Backside:

Pantry Area - Closed:

Pantry - Open:

Lazy Suzan - Corner Pullout:

A big thank you to everyone who gave such great advice over the past few months. If anyone has any questions on what we like /dislike please let us know.

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I'm sure I've said this before, but it bears repeating--it looks tremendous (to quote David Letterman--LOL)!!!!

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I love your kitchen! One thing I am wondering about, and maybe you have checked this out before...but will the front panel of your stainless sink get scratched from zippers, buttons, etc. rubbing up against it? I have always loved that look, but am skeptical of the potential scratching.
But I LOVE the transitional look you've gotten here.

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gharborwa, thank you. So far, no issue with the sink getting scratched from zippers. Several times I have felt and heard a scratch sound from a zipper either on my pants or from a sweat shirt, but not marks so far. I do expect to get then though, figured it's just a matter of time. Hoping that I get enough scratches at that point that it all just blends into one big happy family and doesn't stand out too much.

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Wow!! WOW! What an amazing kitchen. It is so clean and crisp and has such unique elements. I bet you are loving it!


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You did a great job! It's so beautiful...enjoy!

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That is just incredible. I have never been a fan of white and black in a kitchen but that is amazing... you've changed my mind!

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Gorgeous! I love the pops of red with your pendents and espresso maker. Where did you get the pendents?

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Just came across this (I'm a little slow!) ..WOW...it is absolutely stunning....what a transformation....should be in a magazine it is so beautiful.

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One of the most gorgeous kitchens I've EVER seen!

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Can't point out one thing I like more than the next because it all came together so beautifully. Definitely magazine worthy!

What are the width and length dimensions of your kitchen, and the length of your island?

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I was wondering, could you let me know where you found the Tile flooring. I've searched the web for Fashion Coffee and dont find the manufacturer.

Thanks and congrats on a wonderful space.

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Your kitchen is beautiful. Can you tell me what depth your counters are where you refrigerator is? Your description says it is a FD refrigerator. How deep is your refrigerator. I would like to keep my FD fridge am hoping I can make the counters on that wall at least 28"...I am hoping that will be enough.

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I wanted to thank you for posting. You chose the exact materials for both counters that I was planning on using and I loved seeing them installed. I love your kitchen!

I am not sure if you are still visiting the site, but if you are, I'd love to know how they've held up so far and if you are still happy with your choice.


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It's been awhile since I've posted but continue to lurk occassionally. blondeelectual, in case you see this I wanted to let you know how things are holding up. The white cabinets are doing very well except for some wear showing on the top of the garbage pullout. I guess that can be expected. Also the Ceasarstone has gotten a few chips, but they are not very obvious and it was from dropping larger/sharper/heavier objects on it. Other than that things seem to be aging very well.

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Your kitchen is luscious. You did an amazing job tying it all together so seamlessly. This may be an odd question, but are you still working with red accents, or have you swapped for /added in other colors? I'm considering how various color "pops" work to transform a bright white transitional kitchen from one look to another...


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I stopped at a local store to look at the Shiloh Inset cabinets again and I am back to being in love. The display has White Beaded Inset Cabinets that are gorgeous like your soft white inset cabinet. Thanks for keeping the pictures viewing still. I love your kitchen.

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