19 yr old unit with freon leak

merrescApril 15, 2011

On Monday ac stopped blowing cold. Was blowing hot air. Tech came out and said there was no freon and there was a leak. It's a 19 yr old Trane/American Standard and holds 6lb 8oz of freon. Mod # is AWX030C100A0 if that helps. He also showed me everything in the handler and basically it's old and dirty and everything needs to be cleaned. I opted to just fill up the freon and not fix anything else. Two days later, blowing hot air again so I imagine the leak is pretty big wherever it is. Technically everything is "working" though I imagine the air quality isn't great considering how dirty everything is and our energy bills are high because it's an old, inefficient system. I live in FL so we have a high demand on the ac. I think I know the answer but thought I'd ask....fix the leak and take our chances with something else breaking down or get a new system? Down here I know 14 seer units are quoting around $4500-5k installed. Thanks for any advice!

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That system will soon develop additional problems. Keeping it going for 5 more years will cost as much in repairs as will replacing it. And the operating cost of the new should be less.

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Check into local programs for lower interest loans for energy improvements if you will have difficulty paying up-front for a new system. IIRC, Florida seems to be pretty good about that. The trouble is that they might require higher than SEER 14, but that might get you something better than 14 at the 14 price.

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Install a new unit. Spend more than the minimum to get a decent mid-range unit with the highest efficiency for a single stage. I would upgrade to a heatpump if your only using electric resistance for heating. That shouldn't cost much more. Your going to save considerable amount in energy over your old unit.

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If you are considering replacing the unit, I think you should seriously consider the advice neohioheatpump offered. I do have a question though, didn't the repairman make an attempt with a leak detector, to find the leak?

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