keeping track of rows?

Carol_AnnMarch 6, 2007

I'm drinking water from a firehose :) and learning lots, fast. This forum has been a big help as I've read through old posts and gotten some of my own questions answered. But I need your help with a simple thing: when you're knitting a pattern, how do you keep track of what row you're in after you set the knitting down for awhile (an hour, a day, whatever)? I always think I'll remember or be able to figure it out but it's not that simple for me -- maybe with more experience I'll know just by looking, but so far, it's not that easy.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Drinking from a firehose, LOL!

Check out the knitting supply area where you buy your needles and look for row counters. There are several types. One kind fits on the end of your needles that you click or turn a dial everytime you make a row to keep track. Also, there are peg boards that have numbers and holes on the surface. You put a peg in the corresponding hole of the row number you are on. That is the kind I use and is great as long as my daughter doesn't help me out and pull the pegs out and move them. I have also used a piece of paper and just made marks after finishing each row. Just don't loose the paper!

HTH, Rebecca

Here is a link that might be useful: Here are a few examples

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I like to use row counters. I have the kind that fits on the end of my needles and the kind that you just click to advance the counter. As a beginner, I did not have these aids, and maybe the best way for a beginner is what I did-- xerox the pattern and then mark off each step you have done with a check mark. I always do one or the other, and I have knit for decades.

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I like to make my own from thread or yarn. I usually use two in different colors on a project. One is to count from 1 to 10 and the other gets moved one loop for every 10 loops on the other. They're cheap and easily replaced if lost.

Here is a link that might be useful: homemade row counters

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I usually use row counters as well, but I have also used dry erase markers on a page protector with the pattern inside to keep track of where I am. When you're done, just erase.

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I am a novice, but I use a post it note, and always put it right under the next row that I'm going to knit.

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I place a check mark at the end of the row I've finished with a pencil if it's a pattern I bought...if it's a free one that I typed up off the internet, I always put __ at the end of each row and mark a check on that everytime I finish a row. I try to put my printed off patterns in a sleeve and found that one of those erasable markers (dry or wet erase) works great and can be removed when I'm done. If I don't have a sleeve for it, I always use a pencil and mark it just dark enough to see but light enough I can erase it when I'm finished with the pattern to be used again. I never have to guess what row I'm on next by checking each row off as I get them done.

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Every pattern I use, I first make a copy. Usually I enlarge it. That way I can write on it. I make notes as what kind of yard I used, and what size needle, and who got the finished item. But I still have the original pattern, not messed up! :)

For rows I mark down each row, as soon as I make the first stitch. No matter what happens, if I lay my work down, I know which row I am on. ;)


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i also use a row marker on the needle. i had a peg marker but the kids would get into it and change the markers on me.i always set the number to the last row i completed. i also make a copy of the pattern and number the rows of the main pattern and if there are additional patterns that need to be followed within the main pattern i number those rows to coorespond to the main numbered rows. it sounds confusing but it's not.

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My aunt uses a hand held "click counter" - the kind you see traffic counters using or head counters at events. My uncle had one in his odds and ends and as it wasn't being used, she liberated it and uses it all the time. Not everyone's choice but it was there and works excellently. I liked the idea as it went up to 999 and she hasn't had any projects go that high in it takes alot of pressure before the number moves up. I have a peg board and it works well unless someone decides to help me out when I'm not looking. Also have a couple row counters....not everyone will fit all the needle sizes....have also used checkmark method, post it notes under row to be done, and good ole write it down. I sometimes employ a couple of the methods just to be double sure....once you get into the habit of writing it down it is second nature. Budster

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