Knit Log Cabin Baby Quilt

donna_loomisMarch 20, 2008

Well, I finally got this thing done! Gave it to the expectant mommy last sunday. I don't know what I was thinking, but I made enough of those squares to make at least two more of the blankets. I will see what I can do to make them just a little bit different.

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How pretty! Bet it took you a long time to do. But it's well worth it.


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What a beautiful job!

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Donna_Loomis what a beautiful quilt you made.
I love it.


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Donna, it's really pretty! Snuggly, too.


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Beautiful. You have such talent. (and patience!) She's a lucky recipient.

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Donna that is really pretty makes an old lady wish she was a kid again..
Oh to wrap up in a nice blanket and sleep those were the good ole days!!!!!!!!!! h ugs to you Kathy

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Beautiful job Donna!

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Donna - That is great! Thanks for posting on my thread, this is exactly the type of quilt I was thinking about. I've searched all over the internet and here it was! Ha. I even browsed the gallery here, but didn't see anything - guess I didn't search here for "quilt", though.

You did a beautiful job and I love the colors you picked!!

Did you follow a pattern? If so, could you tell me where you got it? Did you sew the squares together or knit them together?

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Mango, I got my inspiration from the website I am linking to. Instead of starting with a rectangle, I started with a square 7 stitches wide, making 6 garter ridges and binding off on the right side. Then I picked up 7 stitches with the next color and knit 6 more garter ridges, bound off, but didn't cut the yarn. I turned the work clockwise and picked up 14 stitches along the side edge, knitted 6 more ridges, then bound off and cut the yarn. Turned the work clockwise, with the next color, picked up 14 stitches, knit 6 ridges, bind off (not cutting the yarn), turned the work clockwise, picked up 21 stitches. You get the idea.

When the squares were done I arranged them the way I wanted (there are lots of possibilities), picked up one of the squares and picked up (in this case, 35) stitches along the edge that would meet the next square, knitted 6 ridges, placed the next square with the right side to the right side of the square I was knitting and bound off, going through a stitch on the extra square right along with the stitches on my needle. After I had 4 squares put together this way, I made 4 more strips like it. Then I picked up stitches along a long edge of one strip, knit 6 ridges, then bound off, going through the stitches of another strip along with the stitches on my needle. Then I knit a garter stitch border all around, increasing at the corners and adding a simple crochet shell.

Here is a link that might be useful: log cabin directions

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Thank you so much for the detailed instructions and link (I'll print them and go check the link out next). I really like the way your blanket turned out - it's very pretty. Old fashioned, yet contemporary :-) Thanks for the inspiration, too.

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