Has anyone used software to create a pattern?

mudlady_gwMarch 29, 2007

I know I asked a very similar question but I am hoping maybe there are others out there who may have input. I did get one response to my original question and I am grateful. Still, before I lay out money for software, and keeping in mind I am computerdyslexic, does anyone else have experience/opinions? I am considering software because I can't find the style (raglan cardigan with a shawl collar) I want and I am not comfortable "grafting" one set of instructions onto another. Especially because I want to use Rowan Cashsoft and the yarn is expensive and I would be making a large size.

Thanks everyone!


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I have the Sweater Wizard. It does have a lot to offer for designing your own sweater. There are different types of sleeves, necklines, collars also knitting your garment in the round vs flat and possibly side to side. I did not find it difficult to use, but you might want to try the demo first to see if it fits your needs before you purchase.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sweater Wizard Demo

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I have played around a bit with some of the free online pattern makers (check out knittingfiend's).

I can figure out how to use the pattern generator, but I'm not sure that what I end up with is necessarily more useful to me than what I could figure out on my own. I don't know if the types you pay for would give you something more helpful or not.

I'd be more likely to find a pattern with a collar that you like and a pattern with the rest of the sweater you like and ask some knitters for advice on splicing them together.

I need written instructions (I can't do charts, I can't wing it, I need it spelled out for me) so if I have to meddle with a pattern, I tend to rewrite it before I actually do any knitting.

I found a site that sells a pattern for a raglan style cardigan with a shawl collar. But they use a superchunky yarn, so you may need to do adjustment for the gauge of the Cashsoft.

I'm linking to the pattern just in case you wanted to check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: cardigan

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