Coffee and Cream Diamonds afghan

loraineabMarch 22, 2009

Looking for Coffee and Cream Diamonds afghan, for a dear friend of mine. Perhaps someone can lend a helping hand and indeed it would be much appreciated. thank you so much! My email is

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me too please!! love that pattern, and the color too!!I believe it is in the mary maxim catalog.
thanks so much in advance... :~)

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Wow that is gorgeous! I'd also love a copy if anyone has it. TIA Jill

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The Coffee & Cream Diamonds Throw crochet pattern is a second-place winner in the 2008 Mary Maxim contest. It is an original design by Jill Wright. The pattern is copyrighted, so it's not likely to be easily found without buying the kit ($50) from Mary Maxim.

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Hi, if anybody gets the afghan would you mind sharing it with me. My email address is: Thanks in advance. Bonnie

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I guess folks here don't understand what copyright violation is.

It's a federal offense, punishable by a fine, jail time, or both.

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Lindsey, I am confused. This pattern was offered for free (public domain) but now it isn't? Has it been copy righted . That means that the original pattern was changed and a person has had it copied righted so they can now sell it? The law states that you can not copy,sell the original pattern as yours. Either the pattern or the project made can't be sold for profit . If I understand this right you can (steal) the pattern to make it yours by changing it and then having it copy righted as a different pattern?

I have seen many,many things for sale that must have a copyright on them either current or at sometime. If you google Copyright laws it will explain this but it sounds like all you have to do is change the product by adding a collar, stitches, etc.

Case in point see the earlier post for the Circle Jacket. Witch she now says She now owns and sells this.

I'm not trying to cause trouble but and I am told that Laws have been changed since the Internet has arrived but that leads to another question of this site being allowed with the advice of being able to share advice and works.

Your advice and qualifications please. You seem so adamant in your pursuit of stopping this site from sharing.

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I'm not adamant in stopping this site from sharing -- but I personally draw the line at copyright violation. There are many patterns out there that are, indeed, free to anyone who wants them; but nearly everything on the Mary Maxim site is not offered for free. Put yourself in the shoes of a pattern designer. How would you feel if you created a design which is for SALE, from which you EARN INCOME and then you find that someone has it and is passing it around to everyone and their sister for free? You'd feel like they were stealing income from you (and you'd be correct.) It's your design - you own it, and you should be paid for it.

If you place the design/pattern in the public domain and offer it to the world for free, that's your choice. But that's the kicker -- the CHOICE.

I'll paste in some language that is copied/pasted directly from the Mary Maxim website... this language is from the rules for the 2009 Knit and Crochet Contest. The 2009 rules could be vastly different from the 2008 rules (but I doubt it). The bolded words/phrases are bolded in the official rules.

"All entries must be original designs. Taking patterns or designs from any other source will disqualify your entry. You may get inspiration from any source, but plagiarizing another personÂs work will result in your entry being disqualified and ineligible for any cash prize. For example, merely changing the color, a few stitches or rows of pattern in another personÂs design is not acceptable - your work must be significantly different from any published work."

"All first place winning entries and instructions will become the sole property of Mary Maxim Inc. as well as holding of all copyrights and distribution rights to winning patterns."

"Non-winning entries may be awarded a 2nd place, 3rd place or Honorable Mention, all with a cash prize. The instructions for these winners will also become the sole property of Mary Maxim Inc. as well as holding of all copyrights and distribution rights to these patterns."

Here is a link that might be useful: 2009 Knit and Crochet Contest Rules

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To add to what I wrote, above...

Yes, there are kits for sale on the Mary Maxim site (e.g., the Bear Claw Throw) where you can find the pattern for free on another web site. But, the Coffee & Cream Diamonds Throw is listed as being a 2nd place winner in the 2008 contest, and I haven't been able to find the pattern (or even a complete kit) for it on any other website - free or at a cost. Unless the Official Rules for the 2008 contest didn't mention anything about Mary Maxim becoming the owner/copyright holder of winning designs, then this is a copyrighted pattern and can't legally be freely shared, unless the Mary Maxim company allows it.

I'm certainly not a cop, and if everyone here wants to violate copyright law, so be it. Just don't be so blatant about it.

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Thank You for your input. Intimidation on any level doesn't work with me. That is not acceptable in America, I understand your concern.

I love to knit, I am self taught so when I see a project I can look at it and usually get it knitted or crochet. I find most things very easy. Now I am not claiming to be a know it all, but after you know your stitches it becomes very easy. I feel that the above throw is a very easy pattern to copy. I also feel that the guidelines apply only to the contest involved with Mary Maxim. This is their right.

My question is "If I or anyone can make this with out the pattern but not enter it Mary Maxim contest and not offer it for sale" Is that breaking the law. You see what I am talking about? I think that is basically what people are doing here.

The Internet is a great thing but as with music and woodworking, cooking, ect I can't help but wonder if these laws really necessary. Perhaps they could get out of hand but I feel there are more sites on the Internet that need attention. In my case, I love to make sweaters. If I get a pattern and really like it. I will usually hunt for the book that my pattern came from and then buy it. So you see that this 'sharing of patterns' I would think would create more income for the creator. I think the same goes for Music. This is why I am so adamant about my opinion. Don'T you think that Garden Web would have had this subject come up at some point? Also are these conditions applicable to all countries internationally? Are we old ladies really so bad when we share ten patterns. Knitting and making ones own clothes is such a lost interest, I would think that sharing would only create more interest. Maybe kids wouldn't be so interested in the "bad" if they had more respect for themselves.

As for the Circle sweater post. That lady was very polite in explaining that it was her pattern. She gave the site of her project. Out of respect ,Thank You.

Thank You for your comments We both feel very strong about this subject.

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This subject has almost brought a lot of crafting/sewing forums down. I doubt if there are many here who want to violate anything and certainly are not going out to sell a copyw pattern as such. What happens if you sell patterns or books at yard sales? thanks maggie

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If you look at a finished item of ANYTHING, and can make one like it, without using the pattern, "borrowed" from someone else, you can do so without infringing on copyright laws.

If you borrow or copy a pattern to share, you infringe on copyright law.


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I'll be the first to admit, I do not understand coryright laws at all. If a pattern is for sale from a bonafide site, such as Mary Maxim, I have little doubt that those are original, created patterns.

On the other hand, I've seen many a crafter show off an item they've made. They claim they were "doodling" around and came up with the idea. They claim their pattern is now copyrighted and not to take it as your own.

Please tell me what process they went through to get a copyright for that pattern. As most of us realize, there is very little in this world that is truly unique, that we haven't seen in some form or another, from time to time.

Why is it okay to go to the library, borrow a book and copy out a pattern that you want. You're only interest is in the one pattern, not the entire collection. I would think that if that were copyright infringement, the libraries would take precautions to prevent that from happening.

I see no difference in getting a pattern from a borrowed book that someone else, (ie the library) has paid for than getting a copy of a pattern from someone who has paid for it and is willing to share their merchandise.

My only problem with forums and sharing is that when someone makes a request, 30 or 40 people jump in and ask for a copy as well, knowing full well they will most probably never use the item. They just like to collect patterns.

Everyone throws around the words, copyright laws, and I don't think there are a dozen people who actually know just what it entails. I know I don't.

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I'm confused on trying to start with Row 1 of this pattern. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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I'm confused on trying to start with Row 1 of this pattern. When following instructions, the first row (for me) is in a circular motion. Is that correct? Can anyone help? Thanks.

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I bought the kit from the catalog but haven't gotten to it yet but my friend made hers and it turned out georgus. Mary

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If you're going in a circle, its because you keep returning to the very first stitch. You should only return to the previous stitch made -- not the very beginning. Hope that helps.

Now if I could just figure out why I'm five stitches short in row five.... Anybody else with the same issue?

BTW, The LT & RT look the same as the other FPdc's to me... I'm not really sure I've grasped the slant part...

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I can understand everyone wanting this pattern. It is gorgeous. I, too, would love to have this pattern, but I DO NOT want to buy the kit. I am willing to pay for the pattern only so there are no copyright infringements. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be available. Does anyone know if there is a way to get ONLY the pattern without having to spend $60 for the whole kit? As I said, I am willing to buy the pattern...I don't need to buy the yarn as I already have enough in my stash, including the colors used in the sample.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Most of us would like to be able to get just the patterns in some of these kits. But MM is in the business to sell yarn too. The pattern is their property and they get to decide how it is sold. If you wait a few more years, the pattern will probably show up in a booklet featuring past afghan contest winners.


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