Completed Kitchen Pictures - Thanks for all the inspiration!

kritter_2010March 2, 2011

We did a DIY remodel of our kitchen last year.... We did some of the preliminary work of putting in can lights and the solar tube when we redid our entry and roof last year. I spent hours on Garden Web and had jodi in socal's Fire & Ice backsplash as the background picture on my computer screen! It ended up being up sort of my subliminal advertising and my husband decided we could go ahead and purchase the Fire and Ice. We were able to get some of the darker tiles like Jodi's. We installed it ourselves and sealed it with the enhancing sealer.

Changes: cherry cabinets, natural stain

From cabinets that had been painted twice!

The cabinets have actually darkened quite a bit since these pictures were taken right after installation.

Granite: UbaTuba

Backsplash: Jeffrey Court Fire and Ice

Stove moved from peninsula to side wall and peninsula depth reduced to accommodate bar stools. Peninsula length shortened to allow for bigger walkway into the kitchen.

Vinyl flooring changed to tile w/ glass inserts

Radiant floor heat that will be connected when we get the master bath & bedroom remodel finished! (DH is a plumber - so handy!)

Much hard work and even some tears (over grout color that is splotchy). Far enough removed from it now that I am considering going back over it with the AquaMix Grout Colorant - I used that in my entry and it has been awesome.

Overall, we are so happy with it. The kids can sit at the peninsula now while I am cooking. I hated staying in my kitchen before because I was often by myself. Now people join me while I am working! I love it! Thanks to everyone for the inspirational posts and pictures!

From this:

From kitchen From kitchen From kitchen

To this... From kitchen From kitchen From kitchen From kitchen

On to the Master Bath remodel! Looking at lots of pictures!

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Beautiful transformation!

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Hello, lovely kitchen remodel. I am wondering about your glass tile inserts in your fire & ice. My illusion brown or root beer colored tiles do not look dark enough for my taste. Jodi's kitchen started it all for me. I do not have my backsplash installed yet. I am in the middle of a renovation though. Shouldn't be alot longer. I am thinking of using black tiles in the mix with my black pearl granite.

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Oh, a few questions. Is your fire & ice enhanced and sealed or just sealed? What did you use? What brand and color of grout did you use. Thanks.

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Hey, I'm being talked about without my knowledge. Probably not the first time. LOL

Happy our kitchen was the source of inspiration. Thanks so much for posting photos. Looks great. It looks like you enhanced, is that true?


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@kks: The tiles I used were the rootbeer ones that were talked about on a thread from quite a while ago. Someone had purchased them from Moniqua(?) and decided not to use them, so I was able to get them. They were exactly what I wanted. I read that some people have added black, but the size was 2" and it was harder to fit into the spaces.

I did use the enhancing sealer on the tiles and grout. I think the grout color was custom blend unsanded in bone.

It still looks awesome!

I wish I was so inspired for our bathroom remodel. I did find a nice accent tile, but it is taking much longer to make decisions about things because I really didn't have the inspiration like I did for the kitchen!

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Wonderful transformation!
May I add your kitchen to the Finished Kitchens Blog?
You can either indicate your permission here or send me an email: starpooh at gmail dot com.
I would also appreciate if you would complete the FKB Category Checklist.

Here is a link that might be useful: FKB Category Checklist

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oops... I am so sorry!
The category checklist isn't working; it's submitting blank forms.
Can you please send me an email if you would like your kitchen included in the FKB?
I apologize if you already submitted your form.

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Wow - this is beautiful!!

Mind if I ask a couple of questions--

How close is your range to the corner? Our will be very close on one side (about 3") and on the other side, 15" to the sink. I obsessed over it for several days, but in the end we decided more important to avoid having the range in the penninsula -- similar to how you changed your kitchen. Assume the distance to corner is not an issue for you?

Is "Fire and Ice" the brand of tile, or the type of tile? I really like yours, and we are leaning towards cabinets similar to yours.


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Mabies, Fire & Ice is just a fraction of the given name which is so long I call it a pedigree. :-)

The full name is:

Jeffrey Court's Chapter 9 Pietra Opus Quartz Brick Fire & Ice.


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I was wondering what brand of enhancing sealer you used? I tried one on a sample from a tile store, and it turned out awful! I LOVE the way yours turned out. Do you know the name of it, or where you purchased it? Thanks!

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Beautiful! You did a wonderful job. Warm and inviting. Especially love the backsplash and you did it yourself! What sealer did you use? Do you have the manufacturer of your counter chairs? Thanks!

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