Suggestions for Island Placement?

yelnats1February 26, 2012


I am looking for some input regarding this renovation idea. We would love to hear where you think the island would be best placed in this new design. (See color picture)

The existing kitchen is L shaped (see b/w picture) but we would like to open up the wall to the dining room. Originally I felt this new design would NOT work as we only had 30" between the wall and the island.(28" from counter top.)

We decided a bench bay window would allow for plenty of room for elbows and hips. (We are unable to put in a full bay to the floor due to a long window in basement.)

Is the island still too close to the sides of the window? What do you think? Should we leave it as is? Should it move closer to the other counter? My wife and I often get supper going together but we are both average size people.

Also, what about the fridge? Should it stay where is was in the old design or does it work better in the new. Any other suggestions are also welcome. :)

Dimensions are to cabinet, add about two inches for counter tops on all sides.

Thanks everyone!

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