Dishcloth designs

stitcheasy2003March 16, 2007


Looking for patterns to make my own dishcloth designs. Hand knitted. like a letter on a dishcloth, duck on a dishcloth. Someone said to use Cross stitch designs patterns????? is this right???? Do you know of any sites for a beginner ???? thank you.

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Find an image you like online, and drop it in here:

Their web application will grid it for you. I used this to do a college logo in a baby blanket. It worked perfectly.

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Here are some free dishcloth patterns.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dishcloth patterns

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Hi try these KNITTED dishcloths sites... should keep you busy for a bit.... One does have a duck...

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CORRECTION OF WEB SITE/dishcloth designs:

should be:

and try:

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For letters, Knitty has a set of washcloths with words on them. You can get an idea of the planning process from their charts:

For pictures, this is a breast cancer awareness pattern:

I think that cross stitch patterns will in general be too square for making a knitting pattern. But you can print knitting graph paper that matches your gauge:

and then just draw/trace/superimpose your design.

Good luck!

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