cat_mom's finished kitchen (double posted from discussions)

cat_momFebruary 17, 2008

Well folks, months after completion, our kitchen is finally ready for the FKB. Okay, as ready as it will ever be! We are awaiting resolution of our Wolf range burner issues, need some accessories, and might swap out our backsplash switchplates, but for all intents and purposes, I give you cat_mom's kitchen:


Link to my photobucket album:

Our cabinet company: (our cabinets are cherry veneer in a "flame" grain pattern with slab doors, with a very light, "watered down" stain, grain matched from top to bottom of each cabinet/drawer stack, and side to side where possible or necessary, matching cherry wood light rails under the upper cabinets, maple veneer interiors, plywood boxes, wood shelves, dovetail drawer boxes, all wood full-width pullouts).

Our handles are from Valli and Valli: (style A 230 in sizes A, B, and C).

Hidden pulls are from Hafele: (Page 245, the black one, but the smaller size--not as wide).

Julien sinks (Nicole Arsenault in Customer Service is a doll!): (ours is from the urban edge collection; model # 3715; 30" X 17" X 10", plus the matching sink grid).

Grohe faucet; the Ladylux Caf (we got the all stainless steel version, see bottom of page), the soap dispenser (Model # 28 857 SDO,stainless steel) and the Ladylux Pro pot filler faucet (stainless steel):

Handles, sink, faucets, and soap dispenser came from Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ: (Sean SweeneyÂgreat salesperson!).

Wolf Range: (we got the Wolf AG 36" with six burners; Model R366), purchased from Leibert's Royal Green Appliances: 228 E Post Rd White Plains, NY 10601 914-949-5999 (they do a lot of Wolf/SZ volume, so offered good pricing on our range).

Pando hood: (we got the P900, not sure if itÂs on their site, which isnÂt a great site by the way).

Miele dishwasher: (Miele Optima, fully integrated).

GE microwave: (JEM31SF with trim kit).

KitchenAid 42" built-in refrigerator (in stainless steel): (KSSC42QTS)

Dishwasher, microwave, range hood, and refrigerator came from RenoÂs Appliances (Elmwood Park, NJ store, now moved to Patterson, NJ. Also located in Fairfield, NJ):

Andersen 6 ft wide three window bow window: (Pine interiorÂstained to match the cherry cabinets, Terratone exterior, Tru Scene insect screensÂwood veneer interior stained to match the cherry cabinets, satin nickel Estate handles/hardware).

We got all blumotion glides and hinges on our drawers, pullouts, and cabinet doors. All glides are 75 lb rated except for the mixer pullout which is 110 lb rated. We also got the soft close hinge clips from blum for all the hinges: Most of the hinges are 150 or 170 degree opening hinges (except in doors that just canÂt be opened more than 90-110 degrees because of their location. Those will keep the 110 degree opening hinges). The 170 degree hinges allow for full width pullouts, and seem to be easier on the edges of the doors themselves.

Our granite is called Labrador Golden Flake: (the place we got it) (another picture, maybe a better representation of it).

You can see pictures of our actual granite in my photobucket album.

Backsplash is from Artistic Tile: (Stilato pattern in Wolfgang White; installed vertically).

Wood switchplates are from Arnev Products, Inc.: (cherry on message center wall and on island, ordered unstained/unfinished and then stained and finished by Royal Cabinets to match the cabinets, maple ones used inside one or two cabinets, ordered with poly, no stain).

Our under cabinet (U/C) lighting is Kichler Linear Lighting (xenons) with black tracks, wiring, stabilizer clips, splicer boxers, and bulb holders:

Our fan is from the Matthews Fan Company (Edwin is a great help with any questions!): (the Vent Bettina in polished chrome with mahogany blades).

Our heating in the kitchen consists of two toe kick heaters from Turbonics (two Kickster +4Âs, one on each side of the island).

Our counter stools are from Design Centro Italia/ (Nathan): (Baba black leather counter height stools).

Our stepstool is from Williams-Sonoma: (Ultraslim Compact Aluminum Step Ladder, 2-Step).

Our dishtowels are from Wm. A. Kilian Hardware Co. (online): (Ritz Flemish Wonder Towel).

White oak floor, no stain, 3 coats Bona Traffic poly.

Walls are painted with Benjamin Moore White 01 wall paint in AquaVelvet finish.

Some pictures:

More pics will be added to my photobucket account/album(s) within the next day or so.

I want to thank everyone here for their advice, encouragement, and support as we made our dream kitchen a reality! I learned so much and I know we couldn't have done it without you all in our corner!

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Thank you maria215! Our cabs are cherry veneer and they were made by a company in NJ called Royal Cabinet Co. The kitchen design/layout was done by Saddlewood Designs in Sparkill, NY.

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Does the faucet hit the hole in the sink or just the sink? My husband tells me that the water should hit in the hole of the sink for the garbage disposal and to prevent splashing, but it misses with the Ticor S112.

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paso, it hits the drain (in front of the little knob in the center of the strainer).

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LOVE your kitchen! What is the stainless bit under the cabinet next to the sink?

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How do you like the Pando hood, and how did you come to choose it? I searched for Pando in the appliance forum - and only found yours! I love the look.

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Thanks! The "stainless bit" is actually the foot pedal for our trash cabinet (it's not really stainless, it's a silvery colored plastic, but very sturdy and strong). Hafele or Heilo is the brand.

Re: the Pando hood. We got most of our appliances at Reno's in Elmwood Park, now in Patterson. They had the Pando, we liked the look too, so we got it. It was one of the earliest things we picked, before we found these forums, and before we switched our range to the Wolf.

We should have gone with higher CFM's, a concave-shaped hood, and possibly a wider hood at that (though the trade-off would have been loss of cab space).

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Cat_mom, I have had your kitchen bookmarked for a long time. Often, when I have to decide on a small detail, I ask myself, "What did cat_mom do?" and I pull up this page. Yours is one of the most beautiful and well-planned kitchens I have seen. It's nice to think of you enjoying it, because you have been so positive and helpful on this forum.

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morton5, thank you so much for your kind words!

It's funny, I'm often guilty of paying more attention than I should to the things that fell through the cracks (either because we didn't plan certain things out well enough or things that happened despite careful planning!). I'll have to remember that someone out there thinks we planned well and say "nah-nah" to those detracting thoughts of mine!

We really are enjoying it very much. It was a labor of love, all the more so since DH was in grad school (while working full-time!) during the whole process, so the only quality-time I really got to spend with him was when it had anything to do with the reno (granite shopping, appliance shopping, sinks, faucets, meetings with KD, fabricators, etc.).

I try to help others when I can, and I genuinely enjoy doing so. I love seeing everyone's progress as well (so many different and wonderful kitchens to view!), so the combination keeps me coming back to forums again and again!

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I just saw the picture of your kitchen on a recent thread, it made me search out more pictures! I LOVE your kitchen, just beautiful. I'm particularly studying your back splash, we have to make that decision over the next few weeks. I love the vertical placement.

I hope you've been enjoying it over the past year or so!

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Thank you so much sochi! I think you emailed me recently re: the backsplash? What did you decide?

We've been enjoying the kitchen VERY much. At least once a day we still look around in amazement--we really can't believe "we did this!"

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cat_mom, I also find your kitchen to be an inspiration!
It is similar in design to what I am planning.I may have missed the info but am wondering what your overall kitchen dimensions are? Size of your island?

Thank you! I'm sure you are enjoying the beautiful finished kitchen.

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Thank you wizardnm! I recently responded on a thread over in Discussions re: island dimensions. let me know if you cna't find it.

The kitchen itself is (and was) ~13 X 13.

HTH! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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You have a great kitchen - we are doing a major remodel of the entire house and I only hope things turn out so well. I have one question. Have you turned on the "turbonics" heaters - are you happy with them - and can you describe the sound level when the fan is running? I am debating between those and several other makes but would really like some input from a person who has actually used them.

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Hope I answered your question ok in my email. We are happy with them. DH needs to listen to the TV louder than I do, so sometimes it's a delicate balance--having a warm kitchen AND hearing the TV during the winter!

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Cat_mom, gorgeous kitchen!

Any feedback on the Grohe 28 857 SDO soap dispenser?

The reviews that I have read on it & other Grohe soap dispensers have not been great.

I need to match my Grohe Minta Supersteel faucet and the easiest thing to do is to go with the Grohe, but I don't want to if they don't work well.

I am wondering if the problems have mostly been user error - not diluting the soap, not cleaning the dispenser, etc.

Your feedback would be very much appreciated.


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An absolutely beautiful and inspirational kitchen. Thanks for sharing all the details.

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jamrock--thank you so much and sorry for the delayed response, I don't always pop over to the gallery. I hate to jinx us, but the dispenser has been good so far. We have ours hooked up to a Never-MT. DH had to "prime" the pump so to speak, by dribbling soap down from the top in order to get it started (dispensing/pumping soap). After that, we were good to go. I don't dilute the soap in any way (we use Palmolive), and have changed the soap bottle at least a few times since installation (spring '07). I recently replaced a big container of Palmolive (from BJ's Warehouse)--those last for months and months.

abfabamy--thank you, too! We still love it as much as we did day one! We've added some decorative items and re-painted since the initial pics were taken. Walls are still white, but we used BM Aura paint, matte finish, mixed up in Super White (despite being their brightest white, it actually looks "warmer" than the white we'd originally used).

Newer pics:

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I love the artistic simplicity of your modern kitchen!

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Thank you!

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What a wonderful design sense you have. I admire both your kitchen and bath designs!

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Thank you so much nannymac!

We did use a KD to design the kitchen (layout, cab/drawer locations, island/tabletop leg design), and he worked very closely with us to incorporate our "vision" for the space, which we (DH and I and our KD) tweaked along the way as needed or desired.

The details were all chosen by us; e.g. the appliances, fixtures, granite, backsplash, cab hardware (even the cherry wood switchplates, which we ordered and then gave him to have the cab manuf stain to match the cabs). Those items (among others) we researched/found on our own.

The bathrooms were "all us!" LOL. Of course, we were (and still are) extremely fortunate to have a great tile guy, and tile place(s), and plumber, to help and advise us when necessary, since we were our own GC's for the bathrooms (as well as the kitchen).

Our bath/kitchen/hardware showroom salesperson was invaluable (literally) in helping us pick and choose fixtures, for function, price, quality, and style. He knew the look we were trying to create (and the price ranges of the different lines, and our budgetary constraints), and we bounced a lot of ideas off each other.

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