Trane cased A coil vs cased horizontal flat coil

barbjaApril 27, 2013

This is a Q that I posted in a long thread:

A 4TXCD063BC3 coil was recommended for my system by members of this board. This unit is about 24x24 and it won't fit through my attic access door.

My contracor said that he would need to cut a bigger hole (and mess up my stairs) or, instead of the cased A coil, use a cased horizontal flat coil: 4TXFH063CZ3

I can find almost no information about the flat coils, much less the diff between the regular and flat coils. Is there some reason why I wouldn't want to use the flat coil? The SEER/EER numbers are the same for the systems using each coil.

The rest of the system will be a Trane xr15 or xb14 and an xv80. I live in Texas. Besides cooling down from 107, a primary goal of the system is dehumification (without buying a separate dehumidifier).

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Keep all your posts in same thread. That is good forum etiquette and makes it easier for forum members to follow and offer advice.

I will answer later this weekend in your original post as time is available.


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Sorry tigerdunes. I thought that this question could stand alone -- I was originally going to make a different thread, then didn't.

I spent hours last night and this morning researching everything that I have available to me and only finding I think one forum thread that matches the model number, two documents that show how to decode the model numbers of the coils, and system configs in the AHRI database. It was maddening!

I decided this morning to create a new thread that could perhaps help poor souls like me that may be googling for this same information in the future. Having the right document title is sometimes key.

It has to be something like they're going to put gremlins in my system to blow cold air and they don't say it anywhere because people think they are imaginary and wouldn't pay for it. Or the warnings about keeping water off them would decrease sales.

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