Bucks County Soapstone / Does it stain?

Debbie6705February 18, 2012

I'm planning to use Bucks County Soapstone but I'm hearing from some people that soapstone is porous and it will stain easily. I use a water softener but still have some rust showing after a week or so, and have to scrub the sink. How will that rust color affect the soapstone?

Also, do you think it's important for me to pick out my stone, or is all the stone from Bucks County Soapstone pretty much the same?

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No experience with Bucks County soapstone but have lived with Vermont soapstone for 25 years. I would get a sample of the soapstone and put it to the test, particularly if you plan to oil it for that black color. Pour everything you can think of on it including liquid hand soap and leave overnight--by the way,do all this after oiling the sample. Drag rough bottomed cups across it. Place it next to your sink for say 2-3 weeks and see what happens. I oil my soapstone to get that black color and after awhile the oil gets lifted after washing my hands with the hand soap and the original grey color comes through giving it a blotchy appearance. Then whenever you clean it with a cleaning product, it can lift the oil also and the same thing can happen and you have to reapply the oil. I can only tell you that I find it a pain and wouldn't do it again.

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Love love love my soapstone! (It's Julia from Texiera.) I hardly ever oil it anymore. It's a fairly hard soapstone, doesn't stain, is a breeze to clean, and you can set hot pans right on it, etc. etc. The only thing I don't do is cut right on the soapstone. (I just lay a vinyl cutting "board" on it and cut away.) I oil occasionally near the sink where it gets wet/soapy a lot, but that takes all of 3 minutes. Just make sure you get one of the harder varieties so it doesn't chip easily. Mine has a subtle green veining. When oiled, it pretty much looks like a satin black. I've had it almost two years. (Have I mentioned that I love it?)

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Debbie: soapstone is NON-POROUS - it doesn't absorb anything - the oil actually stays on the surface and after repeated oilings thin layers begin to build up and retain the darkened look or it gradually darkens by itself over time (depending on the type slab/stone) - you can pour wine, acids (lemons) etc. on it and it will not absorb. That's why granite needs to be sealed - it is porous.

I happen to LOVE soapstone!

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