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new_kitchenFebruary 24, 2010

Hello, I am planning a remodel and this is the plan I came up with. Note: the wall in the middle between butlers pantry and a kitchen is the old wall that cannot be removed since there is a lot of plumbing and ducts inside that goes to the second floor. I am keeping 36 in all-refrigerator (5 y old subzero) but getting rid of my freezer (also 36 in, 20 y old but I do not need that much freezing space). I am planning to buy under counter freezer instead and it will be in the island. Dishwasher in the island next to sink. Fridge and double over on the bottom of the plan. TV is next to the table. I like the bar since I want to dress up the wall that is staying. All walkways are 4 ft, except between the bar and the island. It is 4 ft too, but the bar stools will be there. So, what do you think?

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If you haven't already done so, I suggest you post this on the "Discussions" side of the Kitchens Forum. This is the "Gallery" where people usually post threads for the Finished Kitchen Blog or similar, usually not for discussions.

The Discussions side is also much busier!

I also suggest you check out the "Read Me" thread for newcomers to Kitchens (or old-timers that need more information on something!) This thread discusses what is needed to help with layouts.

Finally, threads with layout pictures embedded in them usually get better responses. When you repost, use this to post your picture:

Replace the http://www.XXX/image.jpg with the JPG you used in the "Image Link" here.

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thank you! I will repost in that forum.

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