First time layout advice?

blessedathomeFebruary 25, 2010

Hello, This is the basic (and not very well drawn, sorry) layout I keep coming back to. It is a brand new kitchen in our addition. The walls/windows are in place but no wiring or anything like that yet.

Things I like about it:

One appliance/feature per wall makes it feel roomier I think.

Long stretches of counter space.

It seems like there would be room for everything where it should go.

I actually like the larger open floor space (no island), I think it makes the room feel big and would be easy to clean up.

No circle for the (many) children to race around. Give kids a circle and they WILL turn it into a racetrack, guaranteed! :oD

The measurements are roughly 16.5ft x 12ft. After cabinets are installed floor space is about 12.5ft x 8ft.

I appreciate any advice. I haven't done this before and it is hard sometimes to picture how things should be. There might be something really obvious I am overlooking or should be thinking about differently.

Image link:

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