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seadwellerFebruary 15, 2013

I'm in the market for a rangetop, and came across the Hypotheory brand. I've never heard of it, and a search here came up with nothing.

Looks nice in the pictures, but I worry about parts and service. Anyone own one? Impressions?

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Dear Seadweller,

I have owned the HTRT366 natural gas model for a little over 3 years and I have had no issues other then my kids playing with the knobs and accidentally pulling one out, although they are designed to be pulled out and cleaned, so I was able to push it back in. Although the knobs are very hard to pull out my very strong 8 year old son has managed to do it several times.

When we first purchased the item , we accidentally purchased the HTRT366LP which is the liquid propane version of the HTRT366NG. We were moving into a new house and assumed they had liquid propane. We bought the wrong gas type:(.

I remember calling the manufacturer(Hypotheory) and speaking to one or two different customer services reps over a 3 week period about questions I had just like you about service and parts,etc. They all were very nice and assured me I had nothing to worry about.

The ironic thing is we realized the gas type mistake nine months after we purchased the range top. So I would definitely say the parts department is very nice and professional. A normal appliance company would charge for the conversion kit, Hypotheory did not, they mailed us one free of charge with free shipping.

Based on my research with them I have found the easiest way to order parts is to call their customer service line and they will then forward you to the parts department. That is how I got my conversion kit. They naturally sell everything you need and are very quick in sending parts out to you or your technician. You can also call the appliance dealer you purchased the item from as another method.

My husband thought the item was malfunctioning after we installed it and he mentioned the gas valve, the parts department was prepared to send us six gas valves at no cost and pay for the repair, but they requested we first spoke to technical support, the technical support department actually helped us understand we just simply were using nozzles for the wrong gas type and our gas valves worked perfectly fine.

Parts told me they would handle it and that I should calm down, I felt as if I knew them on a friend level vs business, I chatted with them for about 20 minutes. They shipped out a natural gas conversion kit via USPS and it arrived in a few business days and they also registered me in the system at the same time, so that I would not need to register online.

Hypotheory customer service also issued me a 5 year extended warranty (parts & labor) in replacement of the 3 year warranty I was issued by my appliance dealer for the inconvenience. They knew it was my fault and they still gave me a reward. I was a bit confused because you do not normally get that type of customer service from appliance companies if you make the mistake.

Normally appliance companies are like insurance companies just trying to get the customer in and out. This company is not like that at all.

They use Repair Master for repair & service related jobs. This is a fact, when my warranty was shipped that was the name of the warranty certificate company. You can research this company at http://repairmaster.com or by calling 800-292-7726. I called them a couple of times and they asked me if I needed to file a repair claim, I replied and told them "No just making sure you are still there" they replied with a laugh and stated "We are not going anywhere, we're only the biggest warranty company in America". I am very inquisitive myself. Doesn't hurt inquiring.

There is no fee at all to the appliance owner either when a repair is needed. Repair Master is a Warrant Tech/Am Trust company, two of the largest warranty companies in the country based on my research. Their warranty is also backed by Wesco Insurance Company, at 866-505-4048 or 59 Maiden Lane, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10038. So if ever Repair Master went out of business Wesco would pay for the repair according to Wesco. So I would say it is more safer buying through Hypotheory then GE or Electrolux, since GE & Electrolux only back their warranty against their companies survival.

Hypotheory has 2 huge third parties and Hypotheory backing their warranty. That is 3 large companies protecting your appliance. Hypotheory covers the product for one year labor and five year parts and then I believe transfers the labor coverage over after the manufacturer warranty expires to Repair Master. This is what most appliance companies do that offer extended warranties.

Hypotheory also utilizes Repair Master's vendors for repair related services according to customer service, so that gives them the networking resources and ability to service the entire U.S.A & most of Canada, since Repair Master is dispatching the calls.

I am very comfortable with Hypotheory. I would definitely buy from them again, but so far there really isn't much to complain about, the appliance works as it did the first day we installed it. My husband is also cheap and we do not plan to remodel again for a very long time.

Sorry if this is very long but I figured what the hell. Karma. If I was treated good as a customer I mind as well invest some time in giving good feedback back to my manufacturer.

If anybody needs to call me with more questions please e-mail me and send me your number, stay at home mom.

Angelica Valentino

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If you haven't already and it's not too late, I suggest posting this on the "Discussions" side of Kitchens. This is the "Gallery" side that's more for finished kitchens and the like. The Discussions side of Kitchens is for on-topic discussions concerning kitchen remodels. You will most likely get many more responses over there. You might also consider posting on the Appliances Forum.

Good luck!

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Just FYI, I recently ordered a Hypotheory gas top range. I don't know how I did it, but I accidentally ordered propane rather than natural gas. I called Hypotheory directly-- both numbers on their website. I got voicemail. This was two days ago. No one has called me back. I also emailed with no reply. I had issues with the company I ordered from as well. Please look into the company before you buy!

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My Husband and I decided to redo our kitchen last year and we came a crossed Hypotheory brand cooktop. I loved the look of the appliance as well as the price tag. We purchased it through the website Tag-n-drop I had a few questions about the appliance before I decided to purchase. I called tag-n-drop i felt they were really helpfully and also gave me a free 5 year warranty for my product. I've been happy with my product and would purchase again.

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I purchased a hypo theory gas Range top about 2 years ago I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised and ecstatic on how great this purchase has turned out to be. I was worried because the range top had a remarkably lower price that the quality of the product would be lower than others on the market. When I received the item it came via white glove service as well as being of great quality. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone...

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Just obtained the range top, IT WORKS GREAT! LOL I was skeptical at first because I never heard of the brand. bought from tagndrop.com, like it alot! Thank ya'll for the reviews, it helped me a bit make a decision, for those of ya'll that need more reviews like myself you can go here on ebay to read more.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hypotheory HTRT366 Product Link

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