New AC System needs work already

lpenningtonApril 21, 2012

We had a completely new AC system installed this past September. According to our AC company, the system was necessary b/c our former 15-yr old AC unit had a leak in the system among other things. We have a 2-zone system with 1 air handler in the basement and another in the attic. We also had the 2 outside units replaced.

After a hot day this week, the upstairs unit was not blowing cool air so I called the AC company. The guy just left and apparently the system (STILL) has a leak. They have proposed to run new lines/ductwork from the outside units up the side of our brick home (for free) through the soffet and to the upstairs unit rather than bust thru walls in our house.

My question is whether there is any way to accomplish this w/ better aesthetics? I plan to ask them run the lines next to the downspouts and then up into the soffet so that we don't have that line running alongside the side of our home. The color will be the same as the downspout.

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How is the current lineset (copper lines running from the outside condenser to the attic air handler) routed in the house?

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Mike_home, if I understand your question, the current lines go from the outside units into the side of the home. The entry point is into a basement room, then the lines go up into the basement ceiling. I don't know where they go from there. One air handler is 10-15 yards away in the basement. The other is up in the attic and I do not know how the run is to that one (which is not cooling).

Our basement has drop ceilings except for 12 x 14 room which is entry point for the AC lines. That room was finished about 4 yrs ago. I do have pics of it pre-drywall.

Another question I had is whether exterior AC lines would be less efficient in the short or long run?

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It sounds like the lineset was installed when the house was originally built. I assume this is why the HVAC contractor tried to reuse the original lineset. This is common for an air handler installed in the attic.

Is the contractor sure the leak is in the lineset itself?

Running the lines outside the house will be less efficient, but I can't tell you by how much. I would try to keep them in the shade and well insulated. I think your idea of running them next to the downspout is good. It is hard is disguise the run against a brick house.

Is there a possbility of running new lines up though an interior chase or closet?

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"It is hard is disguise the run against a brick house. "

Cut out the back of a downspout and use it to cover the line set.

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Outside line-set is good for future access for sure. There is a product called slim-duct which comes in several colors. This has a backing that gets mounted to the house, line set mounts against that, and a nice cover snaps to it. Comes with different fittings to cover when the lines come out of the house or make bends. Hopefully the leak is indeed in the old lines. Best of luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: heatandcooldiy

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OMG your contractor is incompetent. A leak in a new system. I highly doubt the leak is in the lineset unless you had some construction done during which a nail might have clipped a line somewhere. And for a company not to install a new linset on a job this big is ridiculous. The leak is in theur workmanship somewhere i guarantee it.

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