Dealing with an angled ceiling

the_stigFebruary 5, 2011

Hello everyone!

I am relatively new to the GW kitchen site and am sure there is a wealth of information here that I look forward to learn from.

My wife and I are thinking about undertaking a major kitchen renovation. We live in a 1927 cottage that has the very small kitchen, and all 24" of counter space off by itself away from the action. So we are thinking of moving the kitchen to a more central location in the home with minimal hassles in terms of hookups, etc.

The issue I am having as I plan this kitchen is that this room has an angled ceiling- great for a sense of airiness, but not to much when trying to lay out cabinets. Here is a layout of the room:

You are looking at the room from the living room and to the left is the dining room.

We are trying to do this kitchen on a relatively tight budget, so I was wondering:

Does anyone have any images or ideas as to how to tastefully tackle something like this so that it looks finished? The thought I am rolling around in my head is use stock cabinets as high as I can and then have custom ones made to slide into the remaining open area to give it the impression of a wall of cabinets.

I will post up my current kitchen layout in a bit, but I thought I would see what ideas people may have!


Image link:

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