sock yarn

laurenjayMarch 17, 2009

Besides socks, what other uses does sock yarn have?

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I've made a baby surprise jacket with it. It's tiny, but adorable. You can make booties, baby sweaters, pretty much anything you want with it. I've seen afghans made with it. But keep in mind, that's a LOT of stitches on small needles. Quite a commitment.

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I saw a pattern for a shawl using one skein of sock yarn. Very lacey, of course.

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I saw a diagonal scarf made with sock yarn, something like this one below.

Here is a link that might be useful: diagonal scarf

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I've seen some knitted beaded chokers done with it, and wristers, or hand warmers, and what not. I think it would probably make a nice head band or ear warmer band. It would be warm yet have ease for stretching around one's head.

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I'm making that same diagonal scarf right now with sock yarn. I've made it in several weight wools, but the sock yarn is nice as the scarf is not heavy and also easy to take with you in your purse just in case you might have a chance to knit wherever you are going.

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Patty, I'm glad you mentioned that you are making the scarf. Is it tricky? How wide are you making it?

I have the yarn and pattern ready to go. I liked it because where I live we don't have too many opportunities to wear heavier scarves, and this looked like one which could just be worn as an accessory if it wasn't needed for warmth too much.

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