Pantry photos/ pics of pantries

rhome410February 3, 2009

There are some great pantry threads that will eventually be lost and Starpooh suggested I post links here so that others can post and, hopefully, we'll keep some of these resources alive for those planning pantries in the future. (She pointed out that threads 'live' longer here than on the discussions side of the forum.) There is one thread, in particular, that has awesome photos of pantry interiors that I can open through a link I've saved, but if anyone posts on it, it doesn't become current again. Starpooh has put it in .pdf form and it is too large to download here, so I've linked it below.

Here is another walk-in pantry thread with helpful shelf spacing guidelines/recommendations:

There is also a previous thread with photos of closet style pantries, which I'm still trying to track down. Of course, photos of pantry cabs will be helpful to people, too.

Anyway, here's hoping people will start showing off their pantries here, so we form a pantry album for others to consult.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread as .pdf: Anyone Willing to Share the Inside of their Pantry?

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A previous thread discussing and showing closet-style pantries.

Here is a link that might be useful: thread with closet pantries

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I have a pantry suggestion... Ventilate!

Walk-in pantry -- can I see yours?

Would A Walk-In Pantry Be a Major Selling Point To You?

Wood or wire shelves for walk-in pantry

What size should a step-in corner pantry be?

Buehl's Pantry Pictures

And here's a preview:

The left side has 15" shelves and holds, top-to-bottom, cereals, snacks & drinks, gluten-free foods, small appliances, and two bins--one for yams & one for white potatoes. (Small appliance shelf now holds cookbooks. Toaster Oven & coffee maker are now on the floor.)

The right side holds, top-to-bottom, paper towels, baking/cooking supplies (next 3 shelves), small appliances, more baking supplies. The floor has a stool & paper plates.

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Mine is in the .pdf linked above, but here it is again:

Shelf spacing, starting at floor: 19", 15" 14", 10", 10", 14", approx 22" to 9' ceiling.

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This is a very timely thread! We are framing ours right now. It is a corner/closet walk-in type, though the back of it has shelves that use our under the stair space. Those shelf heights look just right, especially because I have the same grinder.

Oh, I also wanted to add that when I open the pdf I seem to be missing about 1/3 of the text to the right side, with no scroll...any idea why?

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Good idea for a thread. I wish I had paid more attention to the design of my pantry. My focus was on the appearance, which I am pleased with, but the function could be better. If I were to do it again, I would make the cabinets a few inches shallower. They are 18" now, and I think 15" would probably work a bit better so things don't get lost in the back. I would also have had drawers, or at least pullouts, in the bottom sections of both pantry cabinets.

Here is my pantry wall...

And here are the insides, before they got overloaded...

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Here is the link to WillowDecor's amazing butler's pantry given by her on the kitchen forum for this thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Butler's pantry

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Another link offered by Willow for examples of butler's pantries.

Here is a link that might be useful: butler's pantries

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A thread on pullout and other cabinet pantries. Only 2 photos, but it's the best I could find in a search.

Here is a link that might be useful: 'Pull out pantry vs individual slide out' thread

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rochellep3 ~ I've checked the pdf and it seems to load fine in my browsers. But it's a big file (almost 2MB).. perhaps your browser can't load the entire file?
Try downloading it (right click) and saving it to your hard drive; then open it. Hopefully the entire file will open.
btw.. it's 52 pages.

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Here is mine so far...
It holds dishes, small appliances and food items.

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I did a very low budget- no budget - no sew pantry makeover. The kids kept leaving the doors open and the mudroom can be seen from the kitchen and hallway so it used to drive me crazy- now that it is cooordinated, and most things hidden, I don't mind if the doors are left open. We store our everyday use items like drinks /cereal/PB/J in a separate smaller pantry.
I used a glue gun to cover some free cardboard boxes with some left over fabric. Each of the boxes is labelled with the type of food so the kids could find things and so I could find the stuff they put back in the right bins. On alternating shelves, behind the curtains is where I keep the small appliances. Bigger, heavier ones store on the floor behind the lowest curtain. I used the glue gun to "sew" the little curtain pieces and used velcro to hang them from- very handuy to pull off when putting groceries away and then to velcro back on when done.

Chooch's mudroom pantry

Here is a link that might be useful: chooch's mudroom pantry

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Pretty spiffy, Chooch! Very neat and tidy looking.

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I didn't realize my pantry thread wasn't on it is:

Thread: Sharb-inspired Pantry Done!

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I am thinking of redoing a walk-in pantry that's right off the laundry room. We already have two outlets in there for the MW and the toaster, but other than that, it's not a well designed space. We added some makeshift shelves over the years and it's a sort of 'catch-all' at the moment.

What size shelves (depth) do you find is most useful? We have some that are 18" deep and I end up having stuff at the back and always seem to lose things, so I am thinking perhaps 12" or maybe 14"?

The shelf with toaster oven, MW and toaster might need to be a bit deeper. It's late now, and I'm upstairs but tomorrow I will measure everything.

A contractor is coming by tomorrow, and I will be chatting with him about what can be done.

Some of the walk-in pantries (and others) looked terrific! Lots of space for storing dishes, canned foods, paper products etc. I seem to always keep our toilet paper in the garage!

How much space did you all leave between the last shelf and floor? I don't have any space in the kitchen or laundry room for recycling, so I've been keeping tall bins on one side of the pantry for paper, plastics and glass!

Any help would be appreciated. Wish I could put in a sliding door, but doubtful this can happen with my space.

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Mari, My back shelves are about 16" deep and the side ones are 12". I have 19" between the floor and my bottom shelf...just the right size to roll in the wheeled bins that hold wheat, beans, and pet food.

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Thanks Rhome. I saw the contractor today and we talked about putting in a pocket door. Right now the door we have to the walk-in pantry is close to the door to the garage, and both doors have huge dings because they do slam into each other. That's a very stupid design by the builder!

What kind of wood did you use? The GC was talking about using Oak because he said it's stronger. Does the support you have there get in the way? I am trying to avoid that, but not sure if I can.

Anyone out there with pocket doors on theirs?

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Someone had posted a picture of a nice sized walk-in pantry awhile back, but I haven't seen it listed.

She had the shelves going all around the pantry (three sides), and I believe she did not have any of the support for the shelves that I am seeing here.

Don't suppose anyone remembers seeing that pantry? She had white shelves (I think!).

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We used Douglas Fir throughout the house, so I'm sure that's what DH used in the pantry, too. Oak is harder, but I don't know if it's necessary for strength in the pantry or not. Can't hurt. I have no concerns about the strength of the fir. It may get dings, but the cleats against the wall and the notched post aren't going to let the shelves down, I'm sure. The post doesn't bother me. We decided in designing the shelves that it was the best option (I didn't want support underneath the shelves that would get in my way of filling the shelves)...and DH, as a cabinet maker, likes to have shelves well supported every 3 ft or less. So, I just expected it and I make it work. I'd rather have that than sagging shelves, or have to worry about what and how much I'm storing on them.

Sorry, I don't remember which other pantry you asked about that had U-shaped shelves without an exterior support. Having one corner with the L-shaped shelves, I'm glad not to have another...and it leaves me the blank wall, where we lean the Swiffer vac and our pantry folding step stool.

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Rhome, I may have to look through the finished kitchens, but I do remember thinking how neat her pantry looked. Should have saved it!

I will discuss different types of wood and figure out how we can make sure the shelves won't sag. That's what I have now and it's awful.

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Pantry check list:

Determine layout that meets your needs, plus additional space for what you don't anticipate (will you try to cram a vacuum cleaner or step stool in there?).

Allow for adequate movement for humans operating in the space.

Make sure doorways are wide enough to enter and exit and bring shelving and food items into the pantry closet.

If possible, locate the pantry in the northeast corner of the house, or the coolest location.

Allow deep shelving for small appliance storage, bulk food, and other odd-shaped items.

Allow shallow shelving for easy access and visibility to canned goods.

A mix of open shelving and drawers will cover most of your pantry storage needs.

A place to store and sort recyclables

Bins or baskets for potatoes, apples, bananas etc.

Plan for ample lighting, maybe even a motion light for convenience.

Include wall hooks for miscellaneous items like aprons, sweater, or purses - this tucked away storage helps keep your main kitchen looking neat and tidy effortlessly.

Consider keeping some empty wall space - you might want to hang calendars, a reminder board, or hanging pouch storage (or fly swatters, yardsticks).

Many people associate the color white with pantries, and for good reason. White walls and shelving brightens a space allowing it easier to see your pantry goods.

Include outlets inside the pantry. These would come in handy to recharge items out of the way, like flashlights, cell phones or even popular rechargeable vacuum cleaners. Also, you may want to run a small appliance, such as a crockpot. DO NOT make the mistake thinking you can squeeze something like a small chest-type freezer into a walk-in pantry. Pantries need to be kept relatively cool; a freezer's compressor would generate too much heat to be located there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pantry

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My pantry is about 5' x 5' so not too big nor too small.

I measured where we have our recycling bins, and we'd need about 24" from last shelf to floor, unless I find somewhere in the garage to keep them.

The MW & toaster are on 15" shelves, but some of the other shelves are about 11", and that makes finding canned goods easy.

What I am having a heck of a time figuring out is where to keep the brooms/mop/vacuum cleaner.

I also would love to have a shelf with outlet for charging phones/iPods because it is not working out on my desk! Also thinking of having another outlet for the paper shredder. Who would have thought a pantry would require that much thought???

Any other ideas for type of wood to use for shelves?

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I will be back for help redoing my standard builder's pantry closet (they said i couldn't make it deeper than 24" b/c at 3ft wide it was too narrow for walkin). I hate the 16" deep shelves!

Just wanted to comment on outlets in closets/pantries. My builder wouldn't put any in - not even in my 9.5ft x 7ft WIC! I have a broom/coat in my mudroom. They put an outlet low on one side of the closet (outside) by the kitchen door, and another one high on the other side (by the utility sink) but wouldn't put one inside when I asked b/c "it's a fire hazard" Has anyone run across this? I think it's more a fire hazard when I have my Swiffer plugged in with the cord running over to the sink area (nonhinge side of the door) and someone shuts the door all the way when I've left it cracked!

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I have NO idea why outlets in pantry or closet would be considered a fire hazard. Shoot, some rooms can be as small as 9 1/2 x 7. The electrical and building inspectors sure had no problem with outlets in our pantry and walk in closet. We even have an outlet in the back of the builtin cabinetry that serve as our kids' closets, which, are, of course, much smaller and might be more likely to get clothes shoved up against them. I would ask more about the actual code and not let his preferences, if that's all it is, dictate what you need. I agree with you about the greater hazard being in running cords all over the place.

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Just to follow-up on this post - we were told the same thing about outlets in smaller closets - because they were not immediately visible, if there's a spark then it won't be seen. Ridiculous in my opinion but apparently in some areas it's a code issue.

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This seems so funny (and aggravating for you), since many outlets are located where you can't see them...Behind fridges, ranges, behind cabinets for rangetops, etc. So for your area is there a square footage guideline that determines the code, or is it just how the area is labeled on the plans? I wonder if you left off the door and/or called it a 'work room' if you'd get away with pantry outlets.

The outlet for my microwave, which is situated in the bottom half of an upper cabinet, is inside the enclosed part of the cabinet above it!

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I personally just find it bizarre.. this came to our specific attention because I was trying to put an outlet in a utility closet and our electrician balked initially - I think we will end up doing it anyways, but technically it's a code issue. I don't know exactly why though, but I think it may be a combination of square footage and lack of sight (i.e., there's a full door in front of it so you don't see it on unless you open the door). But as you point out, that's the case for many many outlets in our home, so... who knows! :-)

Thanks for this thread by the way - VERY helpful!!

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BTW Rhome - your pantry looks great - mind if I ask how big the "room" itself is? It looks similarly sized to the one we are doing which is 5 ft deep and 5 1/2 ft across... trying to visualize what I'm doing!

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Kerrygw, your pantry sounds pretty nice! Mine is only 4 ft wide by 3 1/2 ft deep.

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As opposed to most of the pantries posted from newer homes, my built-in was designed to accomodate the scale & space limitations of an antebellum house. Doors still waiting to be painted. Overall size is 6' wide x 11' tall x 16" deep shelves. My cabinetmaker warned, pleaded & threatened about the size of the doors & how they were too large, would warp & sag, etc but eventually, he built it the way I wanted. After 6 years, I still love it - & yes, I need a ladder to get to things at the top!

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That is a beautiful pantry.

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I love pantry threads! according to my dbf's eyeballs my soon to be pantry is 4' wide and 18" deep. I will be changing out the shelves at my eye and reach level to about 12" deep. that's about as deep as i want most of them to keep from losing things in the back. the lower shelf and a higher one will remain 18" for larger items.

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from broom closet to Pantry....(fitted with Ikea Rationell pullout drawers)



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(*sigh*) Some great pantries on this thread - thanks for keeping the photos and ideas alive, Rhome!

Re electrical outlets: our electrician told us that in our city, they are against code in an enclosed space unless you have some ridiculous amount of clearance from any flammable material, like 3 feet in every direction from the outlet. Means if your wooden pantry shelf or cabinet is within 3' of the outlet, it is a code violation. You can get around it by not making the pantry enclosed; so a walk-through pantry (like a hall lined with shelves) is fine, or an open alcove pantry like WillowDecor's is fine, or a reach-in pantry with no door is fine.

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This is a very timely thread for me as well. I have a slightly different problem. I have the pantry, but I need to find the appropriate door. My old one was oak and my new kitchen is mission style cherry. The KD want's to sell me basically a 24x80" cabinet door so it will all match, however this is very pricey. The pantry is on a standalone wall so I don't know that it has to match the cabinets. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Jsol, is your pantry a framed-in rather than a cabinet? From what you're saying, I think it must be? Our pantry has a door that matches those in the rest of our house...not the cabinets.

Our pantry door:

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rhome410, yes it is a framed in space. We tore out the original door and frame for our remodel and now I need to find a door to go with the rest of the kitchen, or at least something that doesn't look out of place.

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heres our pantry...

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I love my walk in pantry! This was one of the top priorities in our new house~

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Where we live we cannot put lighting into a closet unless it's a fluorescent with an enclosing face cover that is X distance from combustables. No chandeliers or vintage anything.

This thread makes me very curious as to whether we are allowed to retain a previously legal outlet when the space gets incorporated into a pantry closet. I had assumed I could use the old outlet (formerly served a refrigerator) for the Rhoomba and the dehydrator. Yes, we planned to include ventilation via a louvered door.

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Here's mine! Just finished last night.

Shelves are painted Dove White, then polyurathened. Brackets are wood, stained a "walnut" (they look darker in the pics...but they *are* pretty dark...a little darker than I wanted, but I still like them) and also polyurathened.

Left side (pictured here) the shelves are 15" deep, all the way to the top.

From floor to first shelf is 18 inches
from first shelf to second, it is 15.5
next 5 shelves are 10" apart
top shelf goes to the ceiling. Ceilings are 8 ft.

Left side is exactly the same, except those shelves are 11.25 " deep. Top shelf, though, is 15"...since it is so high up, doesn't affect people when they walk in, so we made it deep to store large, rarely used items. Same amount of distance between the shelves going up.

Back shelves are 7.25" deep.
from the floor, 18" to the first shelf.

Then, we skipped a shelf going up, so they are 20" between, but we may add some more 7.25" shelves in between, depending on what we find we need. We may put a bulletin board on the wall back there.

For now, my "door" will be a beaded is wood beads (bamboo) and I will have two tiebacks on either side of the doorway (inside the pantry, not visible) for when I am cooking and using the pantry a lot...or unloading groceries.

I also plan to get a pretty light fixture inside. Ceilings are too low for even a mini chandelier, but I want something really pretty in there...gotta go shop for it soon.

Anyway, I hope this helps some folks. I got so much help from this thread and the forum in general.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Here is mine! Dimensions are 57 inches deep by 82 inches wide. I have a separate broom closet and I have enough cabinet storage for large platters and things. So this pantry is just for food and appliances, basically. I have a counter in there for additional prepping space which I love!

Can storage:

Door closed:

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Shelly K - Gorgeous pantry!!

I especially love the pocket door with the frosted window.

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Thanks, Bickybee!! We just moved into our new home a week ago so I'm still getting settled, but loving the pantry!

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Thanks for this great pantry thread for newcomers! I really needed to see this :)

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My pantry ideas were all obtained from Gardenweb help. It's an odd shape in the corner of the kitchen. We have a Corian counter in there to hold our toaster oven and coffee maker. (It cuts down on our kitchen clutter.)

This is to the right of the door and where we keep our stereos and satellite box for the kitchen tv and our kitchen and patio sound systems.

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Here is a link with 18 various pantry ideas:

Here is a link that might be useful: Pantries

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Here's my newly completed walk-in pantry. It's about 5' by 5' with a 1' by 2 1/2' vertical soffit for HVAC ducting in the back corner. Back shelves are 12" deep; can shelves are 4 1/2" deep.

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Here are some before and after shots of the pantry area of our newly completed kitchen.
We think it used to be a mudroom but it had cabinetry in it since the day we moved in.
Our kitchen is small, 8x12, so this space really helps out.

Old Pantry Entrance

Old Pantry

New Pantry Entrance

New Pantry

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arlosmom i love your pantry, how wide is your door?

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I think yours is one of the best uses of a re-purposed broom closet that I've ever seen.

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Here's our finished pantry:

More details and pics of the process in the post linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: From black hole to kitchen pantry

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Here's my small corner walk-in. Its much more organized now than when I took this. Sorry for the mess.

Shelves are off the rack from HD done by my carpenter. I wanted something more built-in and prettier, but this will do for now.

Shelves are 12" deep on three sides.

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Can you please tell me the color of the grey you used on the walls? THX

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Kellykath, who were you asking? If it was Willtv, or another who posted here, you might click where it says (My Page) next to their user name and send them an email, so you'll get a quicker answer.

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Our new walk-in pantry. Just over 6' x 8' in size, with 9' ceilings. Shelves are a mix of 24" deep, 12" deep and 9" deep. We have two slide out drawers under the bottom left shelf in which we put kid snacks for their easy reach. We store ALL food and small appliances in here - the only foodstuff we keep in the main kitchen are spices near the stove.

Our contractor cut and painted the wood himself, and then hung all the brackets. Shelving has been braced together in the corners to keep them from separating.

We love it! It's a vast improvement over the small over-stuffed closet we had before our kitchen remodel!

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What type of lighting is needed for a walk-in pantry? We are planning something about 5X8. I noticed a few windows in the pictures posted, how is that working? Too hot? Nice natural light?

Posting overall dimensions along with the pictures is so helpful, thanks!

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It looks like I've "broken" the link to my pantry pics (posted 02/04/2009), so here is the current link:

Buehl's Pantry (includes inspiration, design, construction, etc.)

(It's too bad you cannot edit earlier posts!)

[Edited to fix link again in January 2015! I don't know what's up with Photobucket, but I've even seen pictures I've posted with issues - I haven't moved anything!]

This post was edited by buehl on Sat, Jan 31, 15 at 21:28

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My kitchen is almost done. What a disappointment. Large pantry that was 23 inches deep and 41 inches wide is now 19 inches deep and 36 inches wide. I went custom but I think I got short changed. What is the standard clearance for rollout shelves. We have the noxious that goes into the prior opening. This has boards on each side to frame it according yo the contractor. Then there is a bar the pullout is attached to. I don't get it.

    Bookmark   November 19, 2014 at 1:10AM
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