problem with island configuration, image attached

jo666February 22, 2012

I tried to write my problem in another post.. hope I can do it again..

In the image on the left side I played with different ideas for the island. the placing for the island is where the island is in the image...

I believe I only have room for a 24" wide island, although I would like room for a small overhang for 2 stools. At the end of the island would be the best, as described below. Also, maybe I can get away with a very small overhang?

In the image, one of the cabinets is 12" wall cabinet.. there are 2 problems with this, it doesn't have a drawer and I need at least one more drawer in the kitchen, also, because it is shorter that the microwave cabinet next to it, I don't want to see that cut out space in the back. perhaps a filler piece to connect it with a diagonal line would be better, but even then, I would prefer the island to be symmetrical and not just go from fat to thin.. (if there was another thin on the other side that would be better.)

...I'm thinking to just use 24" wide cabinets and leave an overhang at the end.. that would only give me room for one stool...

Also, it would be great if one of the cabinets could be the garbage.. perhaps a 15"?

After getting it to be symmetrical and the correct width, another wish is to have a small bookcase at the end... that could be 12" or perhaps more... facing out....

At the end of the island coming out of the kitchen, I have room... So making it longer is fine, but of course it wouldn't be great for it to be too long.

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I hope I can get some help.. thanks very much

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Are you still looking for help? If so, post on the discussions side of this forum.

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