A/C placement

kentannenbaumApril 19, 2012

We have an enclosed space under a staircase which borders an outside wall on one side and the living room on the other. There's a full height door to it.

I'd like to plumb an A/C through the exterior wall and duct it across the 3.5 ft width into the living room. Is there a reason to think it's a bad idea to have the A/C in the enclose space?

Thanks, Ken

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where will all the displaced heat go? have you talked with a contractor about this or did you purchase your own equipment? I wouldn,t imagine a contractor recommending a space like that for your unit. If he did time for a new one.

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The A/C would be plumbed through an outside wall in the same way it would be mounted in a window. I guess my question has to do with whether ducting off the front of an A/C makes sense if the duct is running a short distance, about 4ft.

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are you talking about a window unit?

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Yes. A window unit I have not purchased yet. I installed an exterior door where one did not exist...which is more complicated then putting a sleeve through an exterior wall. Anyway, as I've thought about this, I've concluded that I've wasted a few people's time on the subject and apologize for that. Perhaps the inquiry will help others. Thanks very much.

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The fan in a window unit is not designed to work through ANY duct.

They are designed for the intake filter and coil loss in the unit, and enough to then blow air a short distance into the room through the louvers on the unit.

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When posting declare the type of equipment in the OP so we are not guessing as to what in the world you're talking about.

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You could make something like this work with some flex duct and in-line blowers. The question is would it be worth it?

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