A Portland Oregon CF Get-Together In July?

johnliu_gwApril 13, 2012

I wonder, is there any interest in a CF get together this summer for those of us local to Portland? Sally2 mentioned she'd be here sometime in July which got me thinking. Maybe some other CF'ers will be around too? I'm happy to host it at my house as I'm pretty centrally located. I'm not available the weekend of July 13 but otherwise the month looks good.

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I'll be there the week of July 22, probably arriving the 23rd and leaving the 30th. I haven't booked a flight yet, but DH and I have scheduled vacation time. Yippee! I know my daughter plans to take us camping, but not for the entire week. I would love to meet the northwesterners from the forum.


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So, the week of Jul 23 through Jul 29 - anyone up for this?

With enough lead time, maybe we can even lure some Washingtonians.

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That would be great. I'm looking forward to it. My daughter's lived there for several years and my son's been there a couple years, so it's high time I visited.


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If we are there at that time I will check in -- we are still working on our exact schedule and might have moved on to WA by then, but we are definitely hitting Portland for all the gardens.

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Hmm. Maybe we can make something with edible flowers. Or if you're going to check out the Japanese garden, we can do something around that theme.

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I'm eager to see the gardens, too. I'm eager to see all kinds of things. I know there won't be time to see it all. I have to check out the food trucks, too, at some point. As we get closer to the time, maybe some of you that live there can advise me as to the best of the food trucks.


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I found this article on Portland food trucks to be interesting and potentially helpful. I especially liked the comments at the bottom, which I felt were well balanced and polite. I do love Portland as a city - it reminds me of Austin quite a bit - even more than Tucson does, but I like Portland better.

I won't be able to make it this year, but it's still on my list for a summer visit. Late July is the perfect time to go there.


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I will probably be in Portland this summer for a week but in June or early July. :(


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