Aunt Maggie's slippers

donnerMarch 8, 2009

I am knitting these slippers and came to a halt with toe: First DEC. ROW Work ribbing for 7 sts, *slip,k and psso, k1,k2 tog.*, work 3 sts ribbing,repeat between *'s once, finish row in ribbing; 23 sts.

What is the psso term? I made these a long time ago and I am now having a senior moment with this LOL. The pattern is at bevscountrycottage


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Psso is pass slipped stitch over
I have lots of those senior moments!!!


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Thanks Pepsi, I'm still not getting it. LOL I guess I'll have to go to the yarn shop on Tues.

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This You Tube video will show how to do PSSO


Here is a link that might be useful: You Tube video how to do PSSO

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Vickey, thank you for that. I'm a visual learner and now understand and can proceed with the slipper. I've made the pattern before but just couldn't do a visual on it this time!

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you slip one stitch,from the left needle onto the right needle, then you knit one stitch..... and then you take the slipped stitch and pass pass it to the left, OVER the knit stitch...(get hold of the slipped stitch with your fingers and move it, to the left, OVER the knit stitch and then off the tip of the needle, which leaves the knit stitch the only stitch of those 2, on the needle ....this is simply one way of doing a decrease stitch. it leans toward the left because of that sl stitch that you passed to the left, over that knit stitch.

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Thanks Sandra! I can't believe I was having such a problem with that, senior moments!!!

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