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sweetpea5372March 8, 2007

I am new to crocheting and am trying to teach myself. I have a book of patterns for certain stitches and came across something I didn't understand. After the instructions it went like this- : 5 ch-2 sps. Can someone tell me what this means? I thought it was chain 5 but that would have read ch 5 not 5ch. Please tell me without the abrevs. I'm just not getting it. Thanx.

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It says, "five chain-two spaces." Since the full sentence is missing, all I can tell you is that you must have made several chain-two spaces. This talks about five of them.

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As Sheila said, there is more to this than you are posting. There would be a stitch or stitches between the ch 2 spaces. For example, *sc(single crochet) in next stitch, ch 2, skip next stitch, repeat from * 4 times. This would give you 5 chain-two spaces. Is that any clearer?

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