Issues with custom make kitchen cabinets.

acmailJanuary 14, 2013

Hi, I am looking for some helps with people who knows about custom make cabinets.

Long story short, we have water damage our kitchen so we decided on redoing the whole kitchen, knock down wall,s new cabinets, new appliances....etc. We went with a general contractor that offers custom make cabinets (private, not big brand like thomasville) with his quotes.

We are happy with all the other works so far, but now that the cabinets are in, we are having issues. I am wondering if anyone has the same kind of issues. The cabinet installer pretty much tell me I am too picky and that since its natural wood, it will be not be perfect..... Etc. My thought was, I am paying for custom, not ikea, so I want it to be as close to perfect as possible.

My few issues are these. Drawers not lining up straight. We have 4 drawers in our center island. When all 4 are pull out, the top of the drawers are not line up straight. It's very obvious. But when the drawers are close, they look perfectly balanced. The installer told me, no one open all 4 drawers at the same time and that there is nothing wrong with that. I found that hard to believe that this happen to all cabinets?

Another issue is, when the some of the doors closes, the gap (where the hinge is) is a v shape. Bigger gap on the top than on the bottom. They say if they adjust it perfectly, the door will not close perfectly. Is that also normal?

Other issues are more visual, that I can take, even though unhappy with them, such as the handles not in the perfect line.

My biggest question is, am I too picky to want them to balance and line up perfectly, or they are just trying to get out of fixing them? They have been here 3 different days trying to adjust but nothing they do is working, and there is more and more holes they have to use patches to cover it up.

Help! Thanks.

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Are these inset cabinets or overlay?

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