where to buy phentex slipper and craft yarn

kickypantsMarch 18, 2010

Hello...I'm trying to complete a costume for my daughter and need to find Phentex Slipper and Craft Yarn in white. It's that really rough & tough, multi-stringy nylon/olefin stuff that has been around for at least 40 years! Does anyone know where I can buy it in Canada (Vancouver)? I've tried Michaels and Zellers...no luck. I need at least 200 feet of it.

Any help greatly appreciated....Dance competition is quickly sneaking up on me!!

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I don't know if it's the same stuff but If it's the kind you make slippers from I've seen it at dollar stores.

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Kickypants, see my response to your post on the KT. That should help.


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Kickypants, I see Phentex at Wal-mart. Have you tried a Wal-mart store. I'm sure they will have it.
I live in Northwestern Ontario.

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My mother was cleaning out her closet and going through her stash of yarn and came across quite a few balls of unopened and partial balls of the phentex yarn. There were several balls of white and a few other colours. If you still need some let me know.

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Janey - formerly jane2

I've always been able to find Phentex at my local Zellers store. (I'm in Nova Scotia.) Mind you, it is tucked down near the bottom of a shelf, almost unnoticeable.

The plastic covering around the balls of "yarn" disguises the fact that it is the dreaded Phentex. (As a child, I was taught to make the sign of a cross to ward off the evil that was Phentex.)

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