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socksMarch 29, 2009

What other knitting or crocheting forums do you frequent?

I visit knittinghelp.com and socknitters.com.

Minnie's got me hooked on checking the free pattern at anniesattic.com every day, but mostly I am not interested in their patterns.

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This link is a good one for free patterns:


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For anyone who likes to crochet afghans that look like quilts, I found this terrific site for free patterns. Seems like quite a good variety of designs. Of course, though, many if not all, are made up of squares so there would be piecing afterwards.

Here is a link that might be useful: Happy Yellow House Free Quilt Patterns

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Thanks all. Just Linda--thanks for that link. Those crocheted quilt patterns are great. I've never seen anything like that. Very clever. I bookmarked it.

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What a great site!! Some of those quilted afghans are sooo cute, thanks for the post!!
I have it bookmarked too, many cute afghans to make now!! Question, how do you put your squares together?? I slip stitch them together which forms a ridge on the front, any
suggestions?? Also when making all of those squares, what do you do with all of the yarn from starting and finishing them. ( each square )I have worked over them, and tucked them, but somehow they seem to work their way out! :( Thanks in advance!

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If you slip stitch the squares together working from the back, and only sew thru the edge loop nearest you (not through both loops of the stitch) the ridge formed will be smaller, and will be on the backside of your afghan. Hope this is of help to you.


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Thanks Linda, but when you are doing the squares, you start with a tail, then start your granny, then finish and leave a tail. My other question is what do you do with the tails so they will not come loose or out of the afghan. I talked to one of the other ladies on here, mamalo3, and she said she sews them with color co-ordinating thread so they dont come loose. I figure that there has to be a better way, I just havent found one. That was her solution, which is a terrific idea, but I just finished an afghan for a baby 176 squares, and that seems like alot of sewing and to be honest with you I sew horrible...the squares were challenging enough for me. Now I saw some really cute ones on this site that is posted, and I am thinking that I just sew horrible, so i can crochet them together, but the tails are still there, and grrrrrrr!!! Thanks Linda for the help and advice, any at this point is well taken and appreciated.Mamalo3 had a great solution for her work, but she must love to sew, :( these old eyes are looking for an easier way....

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Thanks for these sites. I have joined two. The knittyboard is my favorite so far. The patterns are very nice.
Thanks so much.

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