What type of sink to go with?

sparky1981January 15, 2011

I am partway through our kitchen remodel.

The wife and I are pretty stuck on the look and color of a laminate countertop we found for the kitchen and like our solid surface sink on laminate counter we have in the bathroom, but afraid the seam wont hold up as well in the kitchen plus the sink is $800 alone. ouch!

We are contemplating a topmount stainless sink, but was also thinking about a black solid surface or granite top mount sink. We just dont like the huge lip though and not sure what to do.

here are some before pictures, the flooring color, countertop color, part of our bathroom cabinets the same color as the ones going in the kitchen, and the current state of the kitchen. We also dont know what to do for backsplash yet.

the cabinets are going in today, the floor is going in on wed and counter as soon as we decide on a sink and get it ordered.

any input would be great.



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