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nodakgalMarch 21, 2009

Hi everyone, I am a new crocheter and came over to take a peek here. What a talented bunch you are! I am just a beginner and so far I'm now at the point where crocheting isn't "too" frustrating! LOL I'm doing a beginner blanket I found on Joanne's website and really having fun. This is the first project I haven't had to unravel and re do! LOL I tell everyone I am at pre-kindergarten level.

A GF asked me if I knew all the helpful hints for crocheting? She doesn't crochet or knit but said to take a clean pop bottle and put my yarn in it when working on a project. That is the only tip I know and don't really know why you are supposed to do that? LOL I assume the yarn would unravel easier for working?

Minnie at the KT and a few others were so patient and helpful when I was trying to teach myself to crochet and I thought I'd post here to see if anyone has any other helpful hints or tips and tricks to make crochet go easier.

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This is a wonderful site for all kinds of knitting and crocheting help. I've been the receipient of a lot of help crocheting lately, for which I am very grateful . As for the clean pop bottle, that's a good idea, but how in the world do you get the yarn inside it unless you unravel it and put it through the top a little at a time and whoa , what a mess you would have. There are containers at Walmart that have a snap opening with a small hole in the top that does the same thing and they are not very expensive and they even have a handle. Happy crocheting!

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This is what I found when I did a search for it.
Whether it works or is worth the trouble I don't know.

Here is a link that might be useful: pop bottle yarn holder

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You cut a hole near the top of the bottle so you can insert your yarn and then string the end through the neck of the bottle. A yarn holder is great if you have cats or a dirty area where you will be crocheting and you want to protect your yarn, such as taking the project with you to the Little League game.

I took a little zipper case that came with some free sample cosmetics at the department store to use for my needlework supply storage. I keep scissors, a 6 inch ruler, a small tape measure, safety pins for marking, a row counter, yarn needle, crochet hooks, and a few knitting things in it. Then I have everything in one place to use when I settle down to knit or crochet.

Be sure to save left overs in their original sleeves, and tape them together tighter to keep them secure so that you can buy more of the same yarn and know what it is if you ever want to use the scraps in another project. If you use acrylic yarn, look for No Dye Lot yarns that will let you buy perfectly matching yarn months or years later.

I like to make a copy of the page from the pattern book using the scanner on the computer. If the print is small, I enlarge it. Then I can put away the pattern book to keep it nice and mark up the copy as I need to. You can mark the row in the pattern with a Post-it note or even buy a special place marker set of a metal sheet and magnets.

Some beginners like to put a bobby pin or safety pin through the first and last stitch to be sure they crochet all the way to the end.

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