OT -You never meet a stranger........

budsterMarch 29, 2007

At least not a stranger for long. The other day I picked up some pretty baby yarn at the local thrift store and when I was paying another customer ahead of me compliamented me on the color, which lead to a discussion on what she was crocheting (baby hats) and because I also do the same, we then went onto patterns and which charity we gave our bounty to once completed. This led to each of us saying we would check into each other's charity of choice and perhaps make a small contribution. We said good bye and went on our separate ways. The next store I happened to go into had lots of nice homemade things for sale - wood craft, knit, sew, crochet, hand woven.....you name it almost everything was represented. I only went to have a look around and when I admired some braided rugs on a stand for sale (the colors were so soft and inviting.) This lead to another conversation with the store owner telling me to bring in some materials and she would show me how to create my own rug. Which I did later on and learned a new way to braid. It seemed to me I met two new friends that day and each had the same philosophy ....an each one teach one ideal that I find holds so true with other creative people. Has something like this happened to you and made you realize how small the world really is and no one is a stranger for long? I find this forum is a parallel of that ideal which is very nice.

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wow i wud love to meet someone so humble and willing. I havent met anyone yet though there is this collegue on mine (I dont work anymore)she is the same gifted natured woman.
God Bless them

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That is your light shining!!

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Minnie is right...you are the one bringing out the best in people. Obviously, you are a warm, friendly person. Nice to know you, Budster! I agree with you about GardenWeb and the Knitting Forum. It's a lot of very nice people.

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