range hood exhaust routed down into crawl space

elphaba_gwApril 26, 2014

Anyone have their range hood duct so that it sends the exhaust into the crawlspace beneath the house?

Our house is pier and beam foundation with about 2 ft high crawlspace beneath. Routing the duct exhaust behind the hood downward instead of horizontal would give us a lot of extra space in the closet where this duct work needs to be installed. (cross-section of duct is 3 X 14) - contractor says that range hood exhaust is "friendly exhaust". Of course a screen would be added where it reaches the area below so little critters couldn't enter. I was mainly worried about whether grease can travel 4 1/2 ft to escape and coat the underside of our house.

Also wondering about maintenance - do these types of ducts need to be unassembled and cleaned periodically?

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It depends on how much cooking you do and the type of cooking.

Why can't the duct work travel through the crawl space and vent to the outside?

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You don't want the vent to terminate under the house. That is bad. Humidity, grease and other bad things will accumulate under the house.

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Pulling the exhaust down is very inefficient. What CFM?

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