do you use coupons?

OklaMoniMarch 2, 2009

Hobby Lobby had my fav this week, 40% off.

Guess I need to go yarn shopping with extra coupons and several friends using one for me. :)


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Sure, I use coupons. That's what they're printed for, right? Sometimes I'll even buy just one skein of yarn with a coupon and if it's a no dye lot I'll go back the next day and buy another. It's not out of my way, it's on my way home from work, so I'm not using extra gas. Hey, times are tough and this helps me justify my addiction just a bit, LOL.

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I just come back from there! I love their 40% coupon and do the same as Donna :). I have one about a mile from my house and have been known to make a daily run to stock up on a project at a discounted price. If my son is with me, he will stand in line with a coupon too. I also print several and give to people standing in line with me that don't have one or not aware that HL has coupons.


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I often take my daughter with me and she uses the coupons on my additional yarn purchases.....but,Donna, I'm not sure one has to wait a day between purchases, as each one is a separate and distinct transaction..(and, we can always go to a different clerk if embarrassed!!) lol I just LOVE getting a 'deal' on anything I buy!

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Sandra, it's not that I'm embarrassed, or that I think I need to wait a day, LOL. The store is on my way home from work, but still about 8 miles from my house. So, I just make a pitstop on the way home when necessary.

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LOL, last time my daughter needed yarn, we both had a skein when we got to the cashier. She tried to give another coupon to the lady behind us, but that woman insisted she go and get the third skein she needed, cause she would get it for her. :)

Ulrike gave her the skein, coupon and money and got the third skein.

There are nice people out there!!!


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I've been spending my 40% off coupons from Hobby Loby for thse new light up crochet hooks. I have one of every size now and several J's They are so comfortble to use and the little light in the hook part is nice if I wan to use it

Here is a link that might be useful:

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My nearest Hobby Lobby is like an hour drive(I live in a teeny tiny town) Are there other companies out there who have Mfgr coupons for certian brands or something? I love knitting, but my local Wal-Mart only carries a few brands and only a few sub types and weights of each brand.*cries* I have a yarn store that's only 22 miles from me, but would love to have some mfgr coupons to help justify driving so far just for yarn. LOL

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