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Vickey__MNMarch 14, 2007

Okay I'm making christmas stockings and my problem is that I'm working with multiple colors for the decorations on the stockings. I end up with knots upon knots as I switch colors. How can I stop that. I've figured out how to not get holes for large patterns (ex. Santa's face), but is there a way to get bobbins or something to keep the yarn rather than work with larger balls of yarn? Am I just being dense here? Or should I just keep unwinding the weave I've made each row?


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Vickey, you can buy yarn bobbins for just this purpose. The difficult part is in knowing how much to cut off and wind on a bobbin to start with. If your pattern has an accurate yardage estimate, that's a good thing. There will still be some twisting if you're working with several colors, but then it's not a big deal to just lift your piece until the bobbins are all in the air and let them untwist once in a while.

Here is a link that might be useful: YARN BOBBINS

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And do not knot your yarn when you change colors. Carry your colors behind the work on the bobbins Donna mentions, or cut the yarn and work a couple of inches of the 6 inch tail into the back of the work with no knots.

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I once knitted a vertical striped top. Every row, all the colors twisted, and once I had the skeins lined up right, on the next row they untwisted.
But, I had to sit on the same chair, with all the yarn lined up to finish that top. Never did one like that again. :)


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I used pieces of cardboard cut in the shape of an "I" to make bobbins. Or, you could make butterflies and re-wrap them after each color.

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